Awe-Inspiring Luxury Suites: What’s Your Pick? (Plus, Win JADO!)


Whether you’re looking towards starting that remodel you’ve been dreaming of or looking to update your bathroom, Professor Toilet is giving you an exclusive sneak peek at some of our latest suite shots from JADO and Porcher to help you get started. Bask in the elegance of the traditionally-inspired Hatteras Collection or admire the refined Stoic Collection with its clean lines and modern outlook. Make a splash in your bathroom with these sleek new collections!

Professor Toilet wants to know which bathroom suite make you want to lounge in the bath for hours. He’s also giving you a chance to win a set of two JADO robe hooks (your choice of  Stoic or Hatteras Collection, see product details below) for a fresh update!

For your chance to win, tell us which suite you’d love to see in your home and why it inspires you by commenting on this blog post. Professor Toilet will choose his favorite comment on 3/15/2012 as the winner. Hurry and get those comments  in.

Featured Items, from Left to Right:

97010-11 – Porcher Solutions™ Wall-Mounted Dual Flush Toilet
60525-10 – Porcher Solutions™ 5-1/2′ Slim Premium Air Bath
847/814/100 – JADO Stoic Deck Mount Tub Filler with Hand Shower with Cy Handles
80880-01 – Porcher Solutions™ Mirror
847/033/100 – JADO Stoic Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Cy Handles
80800-01 – Porcher Solutions™ 24″ Wall Hung Cabinet
26060-03 – Porcher Solutions™ 24″ Countertop Lavatory with 8″ Centers

Featured Items, from Left to Right:

82930-01 – Calla II Mirror
82920-01 – Calla II 24″ Cabinet
20378-00 – Calla II Lavatory
842/803/100 – JADO Hatteras Low Spout Widespread Lavatory Set with Cross Handles
90290-01 – Calla II Elongated Toilet
60070-00 – Calla Soaking Bath
842/804/100 – JADO Hatteras Low Spout Roman Tub Set with Handshower and Cross Handles

Featured Items, from Left to Right:

97920-28 – Archive Elongated High Efficiency 1 Piece Toilet
84920-01 – Archive 24″ Vanity
84960-01 – Stone Top for Archive 24″ Vanity
84930-01 – Archive Mirror
842/003/100 – JADO Hatteras Low Spout Widespread Lavatory Set with Cross Handles
62745-40 – Archive Freestanding Soaking Bath

And the Winner Gets One of These…

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I could see ‘Suite #2’ in my home. The old world look of wallpapered walls, traditional style cabinet with sink and a soaking tub blends well to create the ambiance of a 5 star hotel spa suite, bringing back memories of hours of lounging in the bath reading and the Champagne bath for two from the last vacation.


Nothing, nothing beats large airy windows by a tub. It’s gotta be #3. The bathroom is simple, warm, and cozy.


Making a small bath seem larger is no small feat…Suite #1 has pulled this off beautifully. The clean, simple lines of the Porcher “Solutions” combined with JADO’s “Stoic” minimalist styling, really give this amazing bath both interest and depth. Truly a winner!


Suite #1 Love the elegant yet simple lines around tub, lavatory sink. Very spa-like. Would prefer tub faucet filler to be near outer edge of deck (near sink faucet) so as to not have to get in the tub to turn on filler faucet. As intriguing as the wall mounted toilet is, my grandchildren would probably treat it as a toy storage box!!
Suite #2 Again as a height challenged individual, I have issues with tub filler placement in this scenario. However I like the mix of Calla with Hatteras.
Suite#3 Appears to be a mix of simple clean lines found in the stone top, undermount sink, vanity and mirror with the solid full body look of the tub and modern stramlined lines of the toilet.
My vote would be for Suite #2 sans the wallpaper.


#3 strikes a nice balance between traditional design and contemporary elements that would fit in any style home. Also- it looks easy to keep clean!


I have to say the style of 1 is more me, but the tub in 3 looks amazingly relaxing. :)


#2 was defintely my favorite. clean lines, yet comforting. loved the tub setup. also love how the vanity and mirror all flow with the same shapes everywhere


Whether bathed in sunlight or moonlight, Bath #1 featuring Porcher Solutions fixtures and Stoic faucets is sleek and clean while maintaining a relaxing spa bath feeling. A small bath now feels like an roomy oasis.


Dear Professor Toilet,
I would enjoy remodeling our master bathroom with the luxury suite number 1! It has been a dream of mine to have a spa tub bathroom for many years. The warm natural colors of wood and unglazed tile are serene and inviting. It brings the outdoor elements inside, which are calming to me. I envision orchids next to the tub at the window for interesting bright color splash! I like the minimalist look of the toilet and lavatory, uncomplicated and functional. The matching Stoic tub and lavatory faucets are beautiful and I would want the matching Stoic robe hooks as well.

The highlight of the room is the wonderful Porcher Solutions™ 5-1/2′ Slim Premium Air Bath. Along with its simple hidden beauty, I will be able to massage my back with the double intensity lumbar massage and my tired feet will be massaged with therapeutic jets soaking my tension away! I love the integral heater because my tub always gets cool before I’m ready to get out! I recently started soaking in our tub to encourage healing my lower back, neck soreness and recharge my energy. You see I am a busy wife and mother of four young men who range from beginning college to early elementary school! Of course, I would give them a chance to massage and soak their sore, stiff athletic bodies after getting banged up playing sports. I am sure my husband would make good use of the tub as well, after a hard day at work. I had better get to work on the bathroom schedule. Hmmmm, two days a week for me, one day each for everyone else! Wait! We could have a morning and evening schedule. That bath will be one of the most popular places in the house!


I love #1, it’s gorgeous!


Number one for sure great styling easy to keep clean. very classy and relaxing


I’d pick #2, and add COLOR with wall paint, towels and rug. I’d lose the dark brown too. I’m a fan of gray for a neutral color.


As long as it’s not a Girlie theme room…I’m fine


The Calla Hatteras Collection is beautiful! #2 is my vote. I own a beach house, which I bought 3 years ago and it’s in need of an update. The Hatteras’ nautical look will definetly fit perfectly with the beach house decor. Its clean and has a relaxing look and feel, The decor gives it a very warm look……I can definetly see my bathroom in my shore house with this suite in it. Listening to the waves, sitting in that beautiful tub, priceless!


Tough one, but I think #3 would fit best in my apartment. It’s clean, simple, and that tub looks great


Suite 1 is just liken a spa at home experience. The clean lines, refined fixtures, the simplicity of the silhouettes allows the design of the products to really shine.


I’d take gladly take any of these baths! While I’m torn betwen #2 and # 3, I can just imagine how peaceful it would be to relax in bathroom #3. I love the simple, clean lines.


My favorite is #2, though none of them strike me as unpleasant. #2, however, seems to have the best mix of modern-but-not-unusual, comfort and coordination. I’m saving that photo for a future bathroom upgrade.


I would love #1 to be in my NYC brownstone, and #3 to be on my beach house on Nantucket. I have neither of those homes (yet!), but a girl can dream… and dream big!


Dear Professor Toilet,
It will be #3 for me. Sophisticated and comfortable. Of course I would want the free standing tub with air jets. I can close my eyes and feel the warm water caressing my body right now.


For me it was a toss up between #2 and #3. #1 I found too “boxy” and angular. It works for some people, just not me. I found the traditional stylings looked relaxing and isn’t that what its all about? #3 would have won out, but I didn’t like the WC, so I have to pick #2.


I like #2 although #3 is a very close second. Makes me want to remodel my bathroom.


Why is the toilet in the bathroom? Why not a separate toilet room. Much more efficient!


Definitely #1 for me. I love the contemporary look from the wall mounted toilet to the sleek lines of the tub. I also love the contrast of the light tiles and darker grout color that matches the walls. This image inspires me to use dark colors on the wall and floor with contrast of white.


Number 3 looks just looks like a cool, spacious room where one could fill a bath full of hot water and stare out the window for hours at the countryside after a hard day’s work.


The simplicity of bathroom three is captivating. The bathroom is spacious and I absolutely love the windows in the corner. I can definitely see that bathroom in my home.


I like #3 Nice inviting room. I could soak in that tub for hours! :)


Although it doesn’t necessarily fit the style of my home, i would definitely pick Suite #1 for it’s zenfulness and clean lines!


I agree with #1 being the best choice for my home as I have a very small master bath and this setup would make even the smallest of rooms seem spacious as it would show off the beauty of the American Standard fixtures and also the new tile floor I would have to install to set the perfect tone.


I love the modern and simplistic look of suite #1. It is reminiscent of a spa.


Love the clean lines of the Porcher Solutions room. Gives a sense of order and cleanliness.


Hi Becky,

We’d like to congratulate you for being our winner of this post for your fantastic response! We can tell you did your homework.
Please keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your Stoic or Hatteras Luxury Robe Hooks – you’re going to LOVE them.

A special thank you to everyone else who participated with all of these great responses. Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

Until then,

Professor Toilet

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