Earth Day 2012: Pledge for a Greener World, Win an American Standard Toilet, Faucet or Showerhead!


Demands for global change this Earth Day, taking place this year on Sunday April 22nd, starts with small actions that create a bigger picture of worldwide conservation.  For example, did you know that a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day? Or that an average 8 minute shower can use up to 24 gallons of water? Detecting and fixing leaks and replacing older faucets with newer models that are Water Efficient or Watersense® Certified can save you hundreds of dollars a year! That’s money we think can be better spent elsewhere (think down payment on a new, fuel-efficient car).

Together, we can make a world of difference. See what Water Saving Rebates you qualify for and calculate your water savings with our interactive water savings calculator to estimate how much green you can save by going green.

Join us in Pledging for a Greener World, You Could Win a Toilet, Faucet or a Showerhead!

Take the challenge with us and Pledge for a Greener World at American Standard’s Facebook, Twitter and right here on the Professor Toilet Blog – you could win one of the Cadet Décor ToiletWilliamsburg Faucet or FloWise® Showerhead! Each time you pledge by tagging yourself on our pledge photo or share with your friends through Facebook, you increase your chance to win one of these water-efficient products so share and post your tips away!

In the NYC area? Join us for a live demonstration of the a Cadet Toilet‘s amazing flushing capabilities on 43rd Street and Broadway as we flush down golf balls and more at Earth Day New York in Times Square on April 20th. Take your picture with Professor Toilet,  join us for some fun games and win some giveaways at the day-long event. Who knows? Maybe you will end up the star of our next video!

To enter for our Toilet, Faucet or Shower head drawing, pledge with your top water saving tip as a comment until April 27 5pm EST. To increase your chance to win, pledge via Facebook for additional entries! Only three entries will be picked randomly. First picked name will receive the toilet, second picked name will receive the faucet and last picked name will receive the shower head.

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We teach the kids to turn the water off while brushing their teeth!!! And to turn it back on as needed.


Water lawns only before 10 am or after 4 pm to put the water in the ground instead of evaporating. Better, plant native species that will thrive without watering.


We have a water barrel on the back of our house to water house hold plants, outdoor plants and the vegetable garden.


I pledge to teach my kids to turn off taps when they’re not using them. And convince my landlord to change all our fixtures to water efficient models.


We changed our main showerhead to a water saving showerhead (makes the hot water last longer too!)


I pledge to get more efficient equipment to save water in my house.


I have a faucet aerator, a lo-flo showerhead, and a HE washing machine.


My tip for saving water …if it’s yellow let mellow, if it’s brown flush it down! Words for all families to live by.


My tip is to take quick showers. There is no need to stand in there for long periods of time. Get in, get wet, then soapy, then rinse, then OUT!


We have buckets in the showers and fill them while we’re waiting for the water to heat. We then use the water collected for watering plants or to flush the toilets.


Im using cold water instead of hot water to run my washer.


we have a rain barrel for watering our garden


Let the whole family take their morning tinkle before flushing! It helps us save on water, with fewer flushes each day!


We pledge to teach the kids to use less water when brushing teeth, taking showers, and rinsing the dishes.


I reuse the water from washing dishes to water the garden- since I use Dawn I have found an additional benefit- it doesnt harm the plants and double duty it kills any pests!


I love rain barrels for holding water for my garden.


In my bathtub, i keep a cleaning brush. I get in, get wet enough to lather. Turn off water, scrub me. Turn water back on. In the meantime, giving my feet and legs an extra workout, by scrubbing the bottom and sides of the tub. Sometimes brush teeth while doing all of this. Saves lots of water and time.


Put plastic bottles or float booster in your toilet tank
To cut down on water waste, put an inch or two of sand or pebbles inside each of two plastic bottles to weigh them down. Fill the bottles with water, screw the lids on, and put them in your toilet tank, safely away from the operating mechanisms. This may save ten or more gallons of water per day.


Save water previously used to clean fruit and vegetables for watering plants inside and out


When washing your face, fill the basin rather than leaving the water running


Save water previously used to clean fruit and vegetables for watering plants inside and out


Use drought-tolerant plants in your garden


Install a flow restricter on boiler coil,less volume of water and it will heat hot water better


There is technology to manufacture a low-flow showerhead which delivers a needle spray (not comfortable on all parts of my body!) and it uses very little water.
Though some may enjoy its feeling so much they prolong their shower, overall it can save over half over all other shower heads I’ve been able to locate.
I experienced one at a hotel in 1978…


We don`t water the grass at all anymore and it servives our hot dry spells and comes back just fine when it finally rains.byproduct of going dormant is not having to cut grass all summer and saving on air pollution.

Supardi Dermawan
April 24th, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Teach everybody to turn of the water while brushing teeth and use water cup to clean, fix all the leaks no matter how small, and hold the flush of HE Toilet until it flush out thoroughly before release the handle trick.


I turn the water off when brushing my teeth, and also educate my children (grandchildren !) to do the same.


I have a glass of water by the bed every night. Often, I don’t finish it. When that happens, I used the left over water to water my plants.


When somone finishes a drink with ice cubes still in the glass, put the ice on the indoor (or outdoor) plant pot soil. Saves water and provides a slow release of moisture for the plants.


Installing & Using (Approx. For 9 Months Out Of The Year In The Northeast) A Raiwater Collection System Feeding A Grey Water Supply System Feeding The Washer Machine, Toilets & Hose Bibs Is The Ticket


When running the water and waiting for it to get hot… fill the coffee pot for the next morning. Saves (up to) 12 cups of water per day.


We no longer buy bottled water, but use our kitchen faucet filter, so we not only save on the plastic water bottles, but we tend to filter just what we’re going to drink.


Swiching to 1.28 gpf toilets can save an amazing amount of water compared to 3.5 or 4.5 toulets.

Stephanie Randall
April 27th, 2012 at 7:01 am

Use my Smart phone to time myself in the shower. My son and I turn off the water while brushing our teeth.


Take quick showers and don’t leave the water running needlessly while brushing teeth or washing dishes.


I try to teach my kids to be Earth friendly any chance I can get..No playing at the faucet, shut off the water all the time after you are done washing your clothes. We even take baths or quick showers to conserve the water. :)


We keep a “tub” of stones in the toilet tank and turn the faucet off while brushing our teeth.


I pledge! We don’t leave the water running and fill the sink when washing up.

That toilet would be incredible! thanks for the chance


We teach the kids to turn off the tap while brushing teeth, no playing with the water. My kids like to make the Earth ‘happy’.


My kids know to turn water off while brushing teeth and washing hair

Professor Toilet
May 15th, 2012 at 1:16 pm

I have finally picked three winners among all the Earth Day Pledges I’ve received. Your pledges helped make this year’s Earth Day celebration a huge success. From the world of social media to Times Square, NY I’ve had the chance to meet so many of my fans.

Congrats to Eli Davis, Sue Hale and Dale Fish on their win and I’ll be contacting each of you shortly. – Professor Toilet

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