Which Faucet Makes Mom Smile? Enter to Win this Mother’s Day!


Moms are heroes on a daily basis – they soothe bumps and bruises, provide support through thick and thin and teach us the most important lessons in life. This Mother’s Day, the Professor Toilet blog is celebrating with a very special giveaway for the fabulous Mom in your life.

Whether she’s a culinary pro or a kitchen novice, we think any mom would love the addition of a brand new faucet to the kitchen. American Standard kitchen faucets give a worry-free lifetime of performance and beauty. Ceramic disc valves keep faucets drip-free and running smoothly. A lifetime finish that resists tarnishing and scratches mean the faucet will continue to look great for years of wear. All American Standard faucets are worry-free, drip-free and built to last – the perfect trifecta to make any mom smile!

How to Enter:

1- To enter to win one of our kitchen faucets,  leave a comment with your favorite kitchen faucet choice from the selection below and make sure to insert the faucet name in your comment.
2- Also, tell us how your mom would use this kitchen faucet (perhaps to whip up a favorite recipe?).
Professor Toilet and his team will choose their favorite entry on Friday May 18, 2012 as the winner,  so hurry and enter before May 17, 5PM ET.

For the Mom that (practically) lives in the kitchen: The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Does your mom host her own imaginary Food Network show straight out of her kitchen? The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet was designed with the “Michelin Star” home chef in mind with its sleek and modern silhouette. The long pull-down spray makes rinsing vegetables and washing large pots a cinch which, of course, means more time to master that Beurre manié.

For the Home Head Chef: The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet

The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet

The Quince Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet keeps pace with the mom that slices and dices like a pro; the smooth lever handle and toggle spray making rinsing and washing a breeze while the memory positioning feature keeps the user from having to adjust the temperature each use.

For the casual cook: The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray

The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray

For the mom that likes things simple and sweet, the Quince delivers with a casual look that’s inspired by nature. Don’t let the minimalistic appearance deceive you though: this kitchen faucet is packed with features that bring convenience to the home cook including a pull out spout with two spray functions.

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I like the The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet!!!

My mom would use this faucet when she’s washing up lettuce for salads or doing the dishes! (My dad does the rest of the cooking so she does the clean up!)

Tracie Vandermeulen
May 10th, 2012 at 6:34 am

My Mom would use this to cook and wash up all of the great fresh fruits and vegetables that we grow in our huge garden. She would love the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. This would be perfect for her smaller kitchen. Maybe if she won it, I could talk her into my personal favorite…..strawberry shortcake!!! Yummmmmmmm


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray

My mom is still using her circa-1970s faucet. She’s updated the harvest gold decor, but still has the same faucet with dual handles. The pull-out spray and the lever would be great for my elderly mom!


I love the sleek design of the Quince, not only does it add a modern touch to the kitchen it’s also functional. The pull-out spray offers flexibility while performing everyday tasks in the kitchen. I would love to win this faucet for my mother-in-law. She is an awesome lady and truely deserves.


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray.

My mom and I would use this facuet to cook together so she can teach me all our family favorite recipes – especially all the ones that go into Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never been much of a cook, but as a new bride I’ve finally taken an interest and its been great getting one-on-one instruction from my mom. This would make a great gift for her to celebrate the time she has spent and is continuing to spend teaching me how to garden and cook. Plus I know a certain plumber (my husband) who loves the cooking lessons I’m getting that would love to install this for my mom to show his appreciation.


The Quince High Arc Faucet w/ Pull Out Spray!!!!

One this would give my mom the oppurtunity to get rid of her crappy Moen faucet!!!

and second she cooks dinner every day and bakes for the family she has 5 grankids that she takes care of and when she turns on her crappy Moen faucet it sprays and leaks everywhere. she needs a reliable faucet that she can count on. i dont have much to give my mom but my love which for her is enought. but for me its never enough. she deserves the world. but if i could win this faucet for her its a step to make her life a little easier!!

thanks American Standard!!!!


Mom would want the “The Quince Hi Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray”, she likes the new styles of the day.
Mom does not leave dirty dishes in the sink!
She would use this faucet multiple times each and every day!
Let’s make it happen!


My mom would enjoy the Quince Semi-Professional faucet (#4433.305.075) in her kitchen for it’s ease of use & it’s clean design. She would use it as a compliment to her open floor plan kitchen and assist in her day to day tasks at the sink from cleaning off plates/bowls to rinsing vegetables to filling the dog’s & cat’s water bowls. The pull down style is ergonomically easy to use & would be great for her injured shoulder and wrist. She deserves a nice looking and functional kitchen faucet instead of the joke the builder supplied for her new home.

Thanks for your time.



I’m sure my sweetie would go for the Quince Hi Arc with pull out spray. Of course, she would also like that snazzy sink as well; does that come with?


My friend who is a Mom would love the Quince Semi-Professional faucet because of the ergonomically easy to use. She has arthritus in her hands so this would be very helpful for her. This seems to be a very sleek and functional faucet. This faucet would look really well in her newly remodeled kitchen with a her country setting.



My mom would like the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray, It has a nice transitional clean design, with a single control, she has replaced a few really cheap bad faucets that were not American Standard in the past 5 years, I know that American Standard is great quality, I own some of your products and have had them for years.

I believe my mom would enjoy using the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray, it would be easy for her to get dishes under especially pots for making holiday dinners, and it would go nicely with her simple kitchen design



The Quince High Arc Faucet with pull-out spray in my opinion is flawless. Would love to have one.




I believe she would enjoy using the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray, it would be easy for her to get dishes under especially pots for making holiday dinners, and it would go nicely with her simple kitchen design


Mom would sell my soul for the Quince Semi-Professional faucet… But she’d never actually buy it, because “this one works and is just fine, honey.” Yet she struggles every day with rinsing out salads, rice, veggies, etc. to cook Italian, French, Thai, and Indian gormet meals. This would make her life a WHOLE lot easier.


I love the sleek design of the Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet, not only does it add a modern touch to the kitchen it would make a great replacement for my Mother-in-law’s Laundry Room.

She breeds Yorkies and has been struggling for years with an out-dated faucet that makes grooming her dogs a real chore.


Phillip H. Hoff
May 10th, 2012 at 9:40 am

Mom’s favorite part of washing dishes is using her Quince Semi-Professional faucet! Making her daily chore a breeze, Mom flows easily through the grease and grime with little effort as this faucet is made for her convenience, in a matter of moments she is done and back enjoying the family time so precious to her and of course all of us. Nothing beats the joy and even a bit of conceit my mom gets to experience, simply by using such a professional wonder in her very own kitchen.


The Quince High-Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray would look great in my mom’s kitchen. She has 5 garden plots around the exterior of her house in the mountains where she grows all sorts of vegetables and fruits. She would use this beautifully designed faucet to clean the fruits & vegetables of her labor before she cooks them up for us to enjoy!!


Quince high arc faucet with Pull out Spray – will be great for Mom to fill up pots for her famous soups and stews. She deserves the best possible faucet for her dedication in the kitchen.


My mom would love having a Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray.

She could invite the church ladies over and say, “Y’all come on into the kitchen and get some of this iced tea and, say, y’all seen my new faucet yet?” I can hear a chorus of oohs and ahs as they all ask her who got her such a lovely faucet and where they can buy one like that.

It would easily make me The Favorite again.

Take THAT, bro.


The Pekoe has the classic lines of a great chef’s kitchen faucet. It is sleek and stylish, yet functional. It screams, “This mom is a serious cook!”


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray is the faucet for the mother of my children.

It provides the functions and requirements of a modern faucet but does it with style and sophistication that reflects good design that a fine lady can appreciate. The design and features to meet modern plumbing codes also please the plumber in the house.

American Standard gets high marks from this household.


The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet is strong, elegant, multi-tasker just like my mom.

Rinsing vegetables from her garden, washing the hands of her grandchildren who helped her pick them, filling a pot for pasta, and later pouring a glass of wine and giving me a smile that means I get to do the dishes. All made easier with American Standard.


Mom would love the Quince Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet.

She could use it instead of that dumb little plastic sprayer on the side of her sink. She would be worthy of a real solid metal, top-quality faucet for all her kitchen sink uses.


My mom is a very stylish lady from her hair down to her shoes! I think she needs the Quince hi arc pull out faucet to make her kitchen space as stylish as she is.


Well in our family, my Dad is the Chef and his cooking is crazy good. However; my Mom, sister, and I have a bad habit of leaving our dirty dishes in the sink and since Dad does the cooking he doesn’t do the dishes. Furthermore, since my sister and I have very busy schedules between school, sports, instruments and religious school, Mom gets stuck doing the dishes most of the time. If she had the Quince Semi-Professional faucet she would feel like a professional dishwasher just like downtown! I think it could even motivate me and my sister to do the dishes as well. I’m thinking that this faucet could change my Mom’s life forever!

Thanks Professor Toilet,



The Quince semi professional kitchen faucet would look great with an apron sink and stone countertop.


As a Mother,stepmother, grandmother and greatgrandmother…it is time for a break…let me soak my tired hands under the gentle flow of the Quince….ahhh at last something just for me …oops no something to entice my family to help with the dishes.


The PEKOE is really nice and will make her happy!

Ronald Koppelberger
May 10th, 2012 at 11:35 am

The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet is believe to be the most attractive and functional of those listed.

My mother would have found this Quince Semi-Professional Faucet model to not only compliment her with its elegance but it simple and practical features. With a large family she spent much time in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and washing dishes, cooking cleaning and washing dishes and with the ease and functions of this faucet, she’d been blessed to say the least…the mother of my children, my wife would indeed experience the same benefits plus the beauty and elegance of this faucet would only compliment her kitchen as well as the beauty and elegance she brings to this family.

Thanks for a truly attractive and practical product…

Ron Gonshorowski
May 10th, 2012 at 11:50 am

My future wife will need the Pekoe when she moves into my house.
I need my entire kitchen remodeled and this would be a great start.


My Mother would love to have the Quince High Arc Faucet. It would definitely bring a modern classy look to her kitchen, I especially know that she would appreciate the “memory positioning” feature. My Mom takes pride in her Mexican cooking – and for those who know Mexican cooking: It requires a lot of large pots (especially during the holidays).


The Pekoe Semi-Professional faucet makes keeping dishes clean simple and minimizes the clutter within the sink. My mother would love this elegant addition to her kitchen.


These faucets are absolutely works of art. They are like sculpture. I am sure my mom would love the Quince. It is beautiful and I am sure that it would be easy for her to use whenever she makes a meal or waters a plant. Wow!


I like the The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet!!! This facet would be fantastic to clean all my fresh vegetables and fruits. It would also be great for the large pots I have to wash. It is a beautiful faucet and would look great in my kitchen.


My favorite faucet is the quince semi-professional faucet. I would use it to wash spinach and other veggies so easily for my favorite salads.


My hands down choice is the Quince High Arc faucet with pull-out spray. My wife spends countless hours in the kitchen and always has to struggle with the traditional spray hose that seems to come with every sink/faucet combination. The hose always tangles and/or wraps itself around the under sink plumbing. Lord knows she calls me often to untangle it. She is arthritic and wrestling with the spray hose causes pain. the Quince High Arc faucet with pull-out spray is the best innovation for kitchen sinks ever!


The Quince Hi-Arc Faucet is very classy looking. It would be quite an impact in the kitchen!


my mom would love to have the Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet!! She could water her plants with ease, fill her largest stock pots and give the grand-daughter a bath with ease if she had this awesome faucet!!!


Mom is a great cook and really could use the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray to wash vegetables, fill tall pots and clean up afterward. Also, her current faucet drips constantly and it drives her to distraction.


My Mother would love The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. She is a great southern cook and this faucet would help her tremendously right now. She is in her 80’s and just had a pace maker put in this week. The single handle and sprayer would be so very helpful. She likes to cook fresh vegetables and the sprayer would help with the cleaning of them and help when she needs to clean large pots with the high arc and they use big pots a lot. She also bakes fabulous cakes. Both of the faucets are great but I think Mom would appreciate the high arc and simplicity of The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray model. I love my Mom and she would love this faucet!

Debbie Seabrook
May 10th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

My mother would love the Quince High Arc Faucet. It looks great and would make a great addition to her kitchen. My mother loves coffee so it would fill up many coffee pots. We, her children and grandchildren, would love using it to clean up after the great meals she cooks us for all the special Holidays and birthdays. We don’t make her cook on Mother’s day. This faucet would be a great big surprise for all of us!

Bruce Vanden Assem
May 10th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

My wife who is a very loving mother would fall in love with the Quince High Arc Faucet as it has the sleek design lines that she loves to use in her job as an interior decorator. The flexibility afforded by the pull out spout is beyond convenient and helps immensely with cooking and yes, the dreaded cleaning.


The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet
It will give my mom the ease to clean produce and dishwashing


My mother would absolutely love the Quince High Arc. First off, it’s a single handle faucet, a type that American Standard has perfected pretty much–which means she wouldn’t be having any trouble with the faucet in the near future, something which is particularly important to any senior these days given costs and how many new household items don’t work well even when recently purchased and installed. Secondly, she’d love the sleek simplicity and beauty of it–it really is a lovely design and would bring some needed panache to her otherwise “quietly” styled traditional kitchen. I know she’d love it for years!


I would love to win the Quince for my Mom !!! My parents are in the process of updating their kitchen after years and this would be perfect for her. She loves to cook and try out new recipes – although not all are a success – lol !!! Please don’t tell her this … Her CREATIONS as we call them are all wonderful inventions one way or the other !!! I LOVE YOU MOM – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!


I am a single mom with 2 boys who are teenagers. I would love to have the Pekoe Semi Professional Kitchen Faucet. With all the cooking that I do to feed the bottomless pits that my sons have for a stomach it sure would be wonderful if clean up was made easy. Not to mention it looks like an ideal squirt gun if they get out of line!


My mom would love the Quince semi-professional, she is always in the kitchen taking care of our family, not only does she take care of me and my brother and sisters but she also takes care of my 3 year old nephew. We also have a lot of people from churches stay with us, so it seems like she lives in the kitchen or the laundry room. I think this would really make things easier for her.


We so need the Quince high arc with pull out sprayer. For one, my mom loves to cook with vegetables from our garden and so we need to wash out all the dirt and worms! Also, she makes all the kids do the dishes a lot so I could spray my brothers! Then everyone would be happy . . well at least me and my mom would be.


I love the look of the Quince High Arc Kitchen Faucet with Pull-out Spray. I am not fortunate enough to still have my mother here with me. Although she may be gone in body, her spirit and love and my memories of her will live in my heart forever. On Mother’s Day, it’s really impossible for me not to think about my mother’s life. My mother loved to do a lot of things and cooking was one of those things. Our times together in the kitchen were fun and sometimes funny when what we were preparing did not come out exactly the way it was suppose to. My mom’s kitchen was not high tech and I know if my mom was still here having a faucet like the Quince High Arc Kitchen faucet would put a smile on her face. My mother believed in well balanced meals. It is not hard for me to imagine her using the faucet to rinse the vegetables off before cooking them. I am a mother and I have one son. The memories and love shared between a mother and daughter is very different than that of a mother and son.

Christine Stander
May 10th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Seriously how could you live with anything but the Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen faucet. This is the cadillac of all kitchen sinks faucets. So veristile and so sleek in design. No need to figure out how to get that large pot under the faucet. (on top of all of these fine qualities the sprayer looks like a blast who could resist)


Mom would love the quince hi arc for it’s sleek design and functional sprayer feature…Looks great and cleans everything easily.


The Quince Semiprofessional faucet is my choice. The features of the Quince make it ideal for a multitude of kitchen uses, especially rinsing dishes, filling watering cans and cleaning vegetables and fruits.


I like the pekoe semi-professual kitchen faucet.

we plan remodling the kitchen we would be a nice thing to have .
we have a very small dog ,it woulld work great for giving him a bath.
and use it for cleaning fruits and veg, and lots of other things.


Mom would love the Quince Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet for cleaning romaine lettuce, especially for Caesar Salads; she would also be thrilled to not have to worry about re-adjusting water temp every time ( for example, for washing several different veggies ).

Hope we win !


Well, since my wife DOES practically live in the kitchen, I’ll go with the The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet!

I would love to surprise her with this for Mother’s Day. She is a fantastic mom to our 3 (soon to be 4) kids. And she cooks us home-made meals almost every single day with the exception of when we are out running errands. She works so hard to make sure our family is eating good food. I know a new faucet would make her day!

Thank you Professor.


My Mom has arthritis in her hands and would like a facet that she can use with minimal touching. The Quince semi professional one would be good the help with rinsing the dishes and the dual usage as a regular facet!


My wife, recently become a mom, would really love the Quince High Arc. It’s stylish and seems easy to clean. That would be the perfect start for our kitchen remodel!!


My wife would be very surprised to get and use the Pekoe Kitchen Faucet.

The Pull-out spray is a Great Functional asset to the “Whole Experience”

and “The Flex” of the whole unit, makes the kitchen work less stressful.

“Make my Day & Her day”

Thank You Professor Toilet


My wife would be thrilled to use the Quince High Arc Faucet to clean up the dishes at the end of the day. Though we have a dishwasher, my wife prefers to wash up by hand. She says there’s something therapeutic about washing dishes while she gazes out the window into her landscaped planting beds. Unfortunately, our current faucet is 25 years old and tends to leak quite a bit. The spray hose will always put more water on you and the cabinets than on the dishes. Her dishwashing therapy sessions usually end with her fairly soaked. A new Quince Faucet for Mother’s Day would surely restore the “zen state” of this chore.


Mom would Love the Quince High Arc kitchen faucet with Pull-Out Spray. She would use it to make coffee and tea, wash fruits and vegetables, and use it to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.


I envision my 83-year old mother enjoying the simplicity and beauty of the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. It is chic and stylish but not too revolutionary for someone her age to relate to the design.

I can see Mom washing vegetables with it to prepare her fabulous old-fashioned vegetable soup and bragging out her latest kitchen accessory!


My Mom would love the Quince High Arc faucet and Pull-Out Spray. She is 79 and I just helped her remodel her kitchen, but she insisted on using her old kitchen faucet, saying nothing is wrong with it; however, it sprays and leaks and her being extremely neat. The water spots make her crazy. This faucet would help keep her sanity with her “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” outlook on kitchen life.


I love the Quince High Arc faucet. The pull out spray is awesome she will be able to wash and rinse those larger kettles easier than with the old school faucets


The entire family gathers in the kitchen at the beach house. What a treat to see Mom showing off the new American Standard, Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. We don’t really cook when we are there, but, somehow there is always something to wash off in the sink. After all these years of washing, Mom has definitely passed amateur status and is ready to be in the semi-professional class!


Some kitchens are new, gleaming and pure, others outdated, with functional patina, still others between continue to serve; but like their fine patrons come with an age. Be ever so grand to spruce up the good room, with faucets and sinks, or maybe a shine to brighten the hue, be even grander if was true for me and for you. I leave the choosing of rebuild to you, a new faucet for Mother to use, though not my own Mother, just like the gal Dad choose.


The family get togethers are always at mom’s and she loves to cook and usually there is plenty of prep work as everything has to be homemade. She has no dishwasher and does all her dishes by hand which sometimes means she has to use the same pan or dish several times which means washing a lot of dishes several times throuhout the day. The style of faucet she has now is a traditional single handle w/ side spray and I think the Quince Semi-Professional kitchen faucet would be a great addition to her kitchen considering the big kettles and pans she uses to prepare the holiday meals. I would like to make life a little easier on her and show her how she can operate as a mother but feel like she a professional chef an make life a lot easier on her and at the same time move her into the modern era. She has worked so hard and is very proud of her homemade cooking that I would love to see the look on her face when she has a faucet that will cater to her needs inastead of her working around the faucet.


The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet is the faucet for my Mom. It has memory (and that is a feature she would love). Mom might not be a professional chef, but she makes award winning meals every day for the family. She rinses all the ingredients for chicken noodle soup (the chicken, celery, onions, peppers, carrots and her secret ingredients) and whips up soup that we are all eager to enjoy. I always love coming home to partake of her apple pies and chocolate chip cookies. The Quince Semi-Professional faucet will aid Mom in the kitchen so we can all enjoy a few more well loved entrees.


The Quince Hi Arch with pull out facuet would be a great gift…..would love to have one.

May 10, 2012


How many glass coffee pots can one woman break? The answer just may depend upon the faucet that resides in one’s kitchen. Alas, the “traditional” faucet with it’s 3-inch sink clearance, is not easily avoided in the haste to rinse out the coffee pot and get on with the day’s “to do” list or the warm summer eve’s call to leisurely stroll. “Standard” can be hazardous to the ordinary coffee pot, as proven by the all-too-frequent purchases of replacements. Oh, if only THE Pekoe Semi-professional Kitchen Faucet were to grace that sink, so many coffee pots would be spared. And, no doubt, more “to dos” would be checked off that list and more leisurely strolls would be enjoyed, all of which are sure to make Mom smile!

Maureen Minaudo
May 10th, 2012 at 6:20 pm

New Kitchen….need new faucet for the HUGE sink. Mom would love the QUINCE high arc faucet with pull out spray. Picturing Mom washing the veggies….all with a smile on her face.


I think she would prefer the Pekoe Faucet. The kitchen is going to be
remodeled soon and it would be very useful to help keep up with the
preparation of food,dishes and baby bottles of 4 kids 9 and under!


quince semi- pro
My mom no longer cooks, I cook sometimes but mostly I would use it to wash all the pups, the long spout looks like it would do the trick.


I think shwe would really like the “Quince semi-Professional”. I’d like it too. The pull out from a competitor we currently have now is too short for high pots for steaming asparagus, the washer leaks between the head and pull out coil, and the spray/stream button is difficult to push once the pot is “managed” below the faucet head. She’s tired and I’m tired of replacing the washers. Besides, other than the bone color of my AmStd sink, the “M” faucet just don’t look right. Make it a Happy Mother’s Day and me a happy plumber!


I like the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull out spray. Its simple design will look excellent when reflected in the bottom of my stainless steel sink–and, at night, in my over sink window–it reminds me of an orchid–almost a personality in the room.


The Quince High Arc Faucet is a study in synchronicity. The gleaming stainless steel introduces the beauty of streaming water in waterfall rhythem. How natural it looks. Mom would be delighted to use this lovely object to fill her favorite sink buckets accented with a loving dose of bleach.


My wife uses a lot of pans when she cooks for the family celebrations. The Quince High Arc faucet would come in handy when cleaning all the big pots.


I could see mom now washing all those berries with the Quince high arc faucet. And using the berries for her famous summer tort. Cant wait!


I like the Quince Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet because it will be the P S resistance of those special pre dinners. Like Christmas, Easter Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, NBA Final, World Series you get the picture. Total perfection. If you like to cook in a kitchen this is the faucet to get. I can just see it on NBA final day.


I’m renovating my kitchen after 3 years of planning. I would love to get the Pekoe fawcet as it would look amazing in the kitchen and would be super easy for Mom to use when she helps out with our Mother’s day brunch! We’ll celebrate together!


house now over thirty years old its tie for a faucte upgrade. Not to mention for style and function.


I like the look of the pekoe semi professional faucet. I like the faucets hot/cold lever compared to the other style shown.


The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet is the faucet for my Mom. The ability to work easily on deep pots is a plus, along with the easy to clean chrome surface is a bonus.


The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet looks awesome. Something that would really work well. We all love working in the kitchen cooking up something special, especially the holidays, that is why my Mom would love it. It would remind her of me each and every time she used it. Sometimes we need that….


My mom would love the QUINCE HIGH ARC with pull out spray . .she is not a professional cook but she does cook for the family, and she loves contemporary and sleek designs – this faucet would be awesome for her! Although we don’t currently have American Standard faucets in the house, I have to admit that the favorite toilet in the house is the American Standard – this toilet is just simply the best – nothing fancy but it is so much more reliable then the other toilet in the house . . . so I would only expect your faucets to be just as reliable and maintenance free . . . making my mom’s life so much easier and fun . . .which is what I want for her . . . it is so hard to buy for Mom . . .this would be the perfect gift for her . . Thanks for doing this great contest for Mom!


The Quince would be perfect for my mother. She goes overboard on the clean-up and with this faucet she may try to spray down the entire kitchen. I think my mother would love to use The Quince to fend off the “pickers” that are trying to sneak nibbles of her wonderful cooking! My mother is a wonderful person!


Of course it does a nice job on dishes– the it’s other unexpected chores that it covers that makes this the awesome faucet. The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet is the way to go for Mom because it can do everything like gently rinse off a baby in the kitchen sink who’s managed to get himself cover with melted ice cream. One hand on the baby, one hand on the faucet. Yes,it’s happened! Then there was the toddler kids art project clean up with all the fingers and finger paint cups; just sprayed ’em down, wiped ’em off and sent them on to the next adventure in life. But by far my favorite way to use the great flexible spray is for quick clean-up of the hamster tubes. Even the kids’ hamsters need a weekly cage cleaning. Take the tubes apart, aim the spray right down the tube and in a few seconds the tubes have been blasted clean. In no time those hamsters are back at home and it’s back to rounding up toddlers. It’s definitely Mom’s awesome faucet.


Mom would like the The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet. The high arch would be great for large pots she has trouble washing. The lever handle would be great when hands are messy making it easer to turn on without messy fingers touching. The memory temp just makes life easy.


My Mom would love the Quince Semi-Professional Faucet because of the temperature control and ease of use. My Mom was a great cook and baker. She loved to have her grandchildren come over to bake with her. She taught them many things. She is in her 80’s now and has Altzheimers so unfortunatley she doesn’t bake anymore but she does still spend a lot of time washing dishes and cleaning the sink, which she keeps spotless. The Quince Semi-Professional Facuet would be very easy for her to use and the temperature control would be a wonderful safety feature.


My mom would love a new kitchen faucet like the Quince High Arc Faucet by American Standard.

Since she rescued me and my sister she has 2 sets of food and water bowls to clean anbd fill (my sister does not share well, actually at all). She could also use it to help prepare family meals of pasta and Italian sausage. The single handle with temperature memory would make it easier on her hands, as sometimes they hurt her to use.

Thank you very much, and remeber to tell mom it was Chrissy, not Delta, that got this for her.


My mom would love the Pekoe faucet…and would use it to assist in making her ‘fabulous’ banana bread! We’d even bring some over to SPS, our favorite American Standard distributor!


I like the Pekoe semi professional faucet as it looks like I could get work done more efficiently with it


My kid’s Mom would love to have a new Quince Semi Professional Faucet, so that her husband would be better motivated to promptly clean up the pots and pans by it’s great functionality and modern lines.


I recommend American Standard to all my clients when they are considering replacing faucets, toilets, etc. in their home. American Standard stands behind their products and for me, that is amazing!

Margaret Friedman
May 11th, 2012 at 5:51 am

My mom would flip over the The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet! She is slowly updating her kitchen and would love to have a beautiful faucet as part of it. She likes to host large family meals and has friends over for dinner and since everyone always ends up in the kitchen – it would be a wonderful gift for my mom who does so much for others. It would certainly make the chore of cleaning up a lot more pleasant!
What a thoughtful contest! Thanks for the chance.


I particularly like the Pekoe kitchen faucet. It would look great in my new kitchen. We have American Standard toilets, faucets, showers and anything else we can buy produced by American Standard. I would use the Pekoe kitchen faucet to clean those large pans that are always difficult to fit in the sink.


mi mama es una persona especial cuando prepara los alimentos, pone en ellos todo su amor hacia nosotros, asi que pienso que ella disfrutaria mucho al usar el The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet se sentiria como toda una chef


my mom is a special person when preparing food, put them all his love toward us, so I think she would enjoy a lot by using the Semi-Professional The Faucet Fifteen would feel like a whole chef


My mom would love to have the Pekoe Semi professional faucet being a full time professional Mom and a semi professional cook. How could she not improve on her cooking if she had this faucet it looks super!


The style of the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray
looks great. I think it would be ideal for the “serious” casual cook such as myself. What a great gift it would be for my first mother’s day!


My wonderful Mom would love to use the Pekoe Semi-Professional Faucet while cooking and cleaning up after the many delicious dishes she makes. And my Dad would enjoy helping her clean up even more!


The Pkoe is the one that is really cool and very udeful looking. Awsome.

Jerry Essary Jr
May 11th, 2012 at 7:11 am

The Pekoe would be perfect for my mother to prepare a large pot of beans for a family gathering as well as preparing all of the vegetables for a fantastic salad and corn for grilling. This will also give more room for me to clean that big bean pot for her because the cook isn’t supposed to clean.


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray would be perfect for my mom when she cooks casual dinners at home

George Kannaday
May 11th, 2012 at 7:42 am

The cats meow, from washing the vegies to cleaning the dishies, the The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet is absolutely Awesome.


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out
Spray is perfect…pull out and casual look is great for cooking and kids …LOVE IT…


Mom would like the Simi-Professional Pekoe. What couldn’t she do with this stunning faucet. It would be great for pre rinsing the dishes after all those family dinners. It would also come in handy for spraying the house plants. It would be nice to have when the cat jumps on the counter or the dog sticks his nose up there, she cuold give them a little squart… any kitchen would be complete with this addition.


The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet would be the one my Mom would love most.

I can see the expression on my Mom’s face when she learns she doesn’t have to use the old, leaky piece of crap she has been using for the past ten years. With the spray head built into the spout no more trying to get the sprayer back into place. And I bet the length of the Quince is just right for cleaning up all the messes I make. I’ll have my Dad stand behind her if she wins, just in case she faints when she discovers that she has won the most beautiful American Standard faucet to date, the Quince Semi-Professional.


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray to use with a new double bowl brushed stainless sink would indeed make any mom delighted as she prepares our favorite. That would be fresh picked veggies for her mom’s unforgetable soup. But our mom’s are gone so Linda and I try to relive those memories and hope our children will relive those memories with their Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray.


I love the look of the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. This faucet would be perfect for any mother but especially for mine. She loves the simple things in life and this would be perfect for her. The high arc means she could easily fill the pot for her homemade spaghetti without having to wedge it into the sink to fill. The new faucet would be the talk of the family for years to come.


My mother would LOVE LOVE LOVE the ‘Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray’. Its sleek, simple design would work well in the home she just purchased. From cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables, to washing dishes, this would help make life a bit easier in preparing things from the kitchen with her busy lifestyle.


The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet.

I think I fell in love with this the second I lay eyes on it. I’m nominating myself, because as a mom, I deserve it. I haven’t had trials and tribulations like other entrants, but believe me, my life is just as hectic. The man and I have been cooking up a storm recently and taking notes from our favourite chefs with America’s Test Kitchen. This faucet would complete our kitchen and make me incredibly happy.

And it would give me something pretty to blog about :)


My mom likes the sleek look of a modern faucet that is smooth and easy to clean.
Therefore, I think the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray will be her choice.
She will use it to clean the vegetables for dinner, followed by rinsing the dirty dishes after dinner, including the dogs bowl and if the dog is good she will sit the pup in the sink and use the Pull-Out spryer to wash the dog. A good days work for the faucet, I think.


Thanks for sending us the #FF link! This is *perfect* timing for me– I’d love to win the Pekoe Semi-Professional faucet. My Mom is just finishing up the renovation of her 30 year-old Kitchen- and boy, did it need it! She’s going for gorgeous granite countertops and a fantastic new under-mount sink. This faucet would be perfect for her (and for her new sink!) She would use it when rinsing all the great stuff from my parents’ garden… she freezes, jars & pickles all kinds of great recipes! Green Pickled Tomatoes, Homemade Marinara, and Golden Diced Pickles just to name a few. This faucet would be perfect for filling up that GIANT stockpot she has (my Dad makes some killer homemade soups!) when she makes her homemade stocks– she does chicken, vegetable, ham, & beef.


The Quince Semi-Professional is the one for my Mom! There is no doubt.

She’ll have a great big smile and dimples on her face as she rinses the fruit and vegetables with her new Quince Semi-Professional!!


My would like a new fauce for her kitchen because she practically life in the kitchen we have three kids and take a lot of time making the food preparation, I think she will very happy to see a new fixture in her kitchen The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet


My mom would go for the simple, sleek, and elegant design of the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. The location of the handle is much more practical than her current faucet’s design, and she would love the pull-out spray for cleaning her vegetables and for washing the dishes. It would most certainly get a lot of use and simplify her daily routine so that she could enjoy the things and people with which she truly wants to spend more time.


I like the Pekoe Semi Professional Kitchen Faucet

I am in a wheelchair and my mom and staff wash my medical supplies, my fruit, veggies, dishes and even my specail drink cup.WE eat low fat, healthy meals. She is in poor health too and she loves to cook for me and her alike. She is the best cook ever.


I’d love to win the Pekoe Semi-Professional faucet for my Mom. She’s a school social worker that is just brilliant at getting a healthy, 3 course meal on the table in 30 minutes. Having a seriously awesome faucet like this would help her cook and clean up so much easier than the sub-standard one she has now (you can’t fit a tall pot under it)! After a hard day help troubled children, she’s deserves a little but of help!


My mom, my daughter and I love to cook together. Three generations of girls cooking. My mom is 83 years young and has an old, not in great working order pull out faucet (hard to pull out too), but is from the old school and does not want to change it. She says “Why should I change it, it still works!” I know if she won a new faucet she would change it, as the look is really nice and definately more modern than the one she has now. A new faucet would definately make cooking more enjoyable for her. Thank you !


my mom would like the quince high arc so the dishes could pile up high waiting for me to wash them.


I like the sleek Quince High Arc faucet. It blends practical efficiency with the look of a modern up to date kitchen. Although we have a dishwasher, like the fellow before me, it would allow the overflow dishes to pile up without obstruction for later cleanup.


My mom would appreciate the clean lines and flexibility of the Pekoe faucet. She’s a great cook and enjoys doing it for appreciative family and friends. This faucet would make cleanup much easier and less complicated for the “appreciative family and friends” who always offer their assistance after a fantastic meal at Mom’s.

Linda Muszynski
May 11th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet would provide a welcome solution to one of my mother’s long-standing complaints; her current faucet does not provide the spraying flexibility she says would like to have to rinse off dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher and to rinse vegetables–lettuce, tomatoes, etc.–before putting them in salads.
In addition, although she would never admit this, she would love showing it off to her friends.

Jackie Umbriaco
May 11th, 2012 at 2:32 pm

The Quince High Arc faucet would be perefect for my mom’s kitchen. All the grandkids and great grandkids visit periodically during the week. Also once a week for a get together dinner and since her kitchen is small and her dishwaher is old and dying, this new faucet would entice the kids to help do the dishes. Plus she can really use an upgrade since hers definitely gets a good run through with all the people using it.


Love boyh of them


My mom would love the Quince Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. It’s just like her – graceful and practical. Mom not only keeps up with cooking for two runners who eat enough for 10 people, but she also scrubs up after gardening and would love to not have to adjust the temperature of the water with muddy hands. I don’t think she would go so far as to wash the puppy in the sink, but the spray nozzle sure would be handy if she did. As for filling tall pots in a single bound with this faucet she could do that too.


I choose the Pekoe faucet for my mom, she really needs a replacement because hers has been leaky and non-functioning for quite awhile. I would love for her life to be just a bit easier with this one!


Definitely the Quince Semi-Pro – she’s one of the best cooks I know and it’s just not me saying that – over the decades she’s dazzled friends and family by single-handily preparing delicious feasts for 100-some people for family reunions, graduations and “just because” summer gatherings. This would definitely make her feel like the pro she really is.

Plus, I think she’d enjoy spraying her adult-children with it to keep us in line :)

Thanks for the opportunity!


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray look great in our kicthen.


My Mom would love a new faucet. She cooks everything. We especially love her fresh baked pies from her fruit trees. She does it all, from picking, cleaning, prepping and baking. This new Qunince Semi-Professional faucet would make it so much easier for her to use her sink. This great design looks great for aging hands too. We love the American Standard faucets we have in our house.


My mom would love the The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet!!! She has had the same faucet since 1974, and would love, love to cook her many raw food and vegan dishes for my dad.


I like the Pekoe kitchen faucet. My mom would use it for everything from washing vegetables to filling her tea pot. Best of all it is aesthetically pleasing! Happy Mother’s Day to Mr. Steam too!


My Mom would love to have the Pekoe Pro Kitchen Faucet in her kitchen that was built in 1906. The house has been updated through the years but the faucet in the kitchen came over on the Mayflower and is still going strong with its leaks and drips. Maybe Mom would be inspired to do some of her “old fashion cooking” that I grew up eating when I was little.



I chose the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray would be great for her to strain her noodles for Lasagna and pasta dishes too


‘Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray’represent simple, elegant, stylle just like my mother who would use this sleek faucet to wash dishes, clean fruit & vegetables and spray her beautiful orchids.

Christopher Green
May 12th, 2012 at 2:44 pm

My mother would be happy with any faucet that has the NAME American Standard!


I think my Mom would love the Pekoe Kitchen Faucet! My Mother needs something to brighten up her day and this would be a great prize! Not only does her kitchen need a new faucet, but she needs something to make her smile.
Thanks for the giveaway!


My Mom would love the Quince High Arc Faucet with pullout spray. She is always giving to others and rarely buys anything for herself. This would be a real treat for a well deserving Mom. She volunteers for so many people and at age 85 still drives to all her volunteer activities. She wouldn’t even know how this faucet works, but I’m sure she would enjoy displaying it on her kitchen sink, where she prepares lots of food for her many charitable causes.


just need a new one


The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. This would be great for washing all those fresh veggies that we get at the farmer’s market – best veggies and fruit in town! Also it is a beautiful faucet.


i like the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. lovely and singular in design. very nice. i would use it to make a special new recipe i’m working on for dessert. think it might be a cheesecake, but id love the faucet everyday!


my mom would love the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray
she would use it to do dishes and make the family thanksgiving dinner. her old faucet is leaking and needs to be repaired


Yes kitchen Faucet are really nice.


Mom would like to have the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-out Spray. It has style and the quality of an American Standard product.


The Quince High Arc Faucet would be great to win! Would be awesome for doing the dishes and keeping the kitchen sparkling!!!


The Quince High Arc Faucet with spray is the one! This looks like a great item. I can cook up a big pot of pasta with out my big pot getting stuck under the faucet. I can also wash those big pots with out creating a big mess from a low faucet. Coming from a large Italian Family and having 4 daughters and 4 son-in-laws and now 2 grandsons I need a faucet like that! When I cook, I cook for a small Army! That is Abbondanza! This faucet is the pasta lovers dream! I would also most likely save money on all the broken dishes I have because my other faucet is so low and all my large dishes end up getting chipped because the hit the low faucet. This is a awesome faucet!


We have American Statdard products in our home (We built our home in 1964) My dad was a plumber and installed many American Standard Products. We still have the products in our home and have been very happy with them, we are considering downsizing to a smaller home and think we might want to install updated products.

Mary and Bob Kranz


I’ve used similar faucet designs to the pekoe and quince. They seem to make all sink tasks easier and more efficient. I think either one would go well in my kitchen.


The Pekoe is a very sylish and professional faucet for the “professional” home cook…Mom.


Professor Toilet and team,
My sweet mother is a grandmother to five grandchildren, with one more on the way. She is our family’s Thanksgiving hostess, each year with fourteen family members celebrating together. She bakes the turkey and makes everything else from scratch. My mother is the one who taught me to cook. She would enjoy the casual minimalistic appearance of The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. She has a large heavy turkey roaster that can be cleaned very easily with the high arc of the faucet and memory position valving which puts the water in the right place at the right temperature each time. One favorite recipe she makes is strawberry Belgian waffles with whipped cream. Many strawberries are washed and stemmed at her sink. The gentle spray will carefully rinse the berries while the more powerful stream spray will clean soiled items. It would be a pleasure for me to honor my mother with this beautiful faucet as a year round reminder of her year round giving to us all.

Nicole Vosburgh
May 15th, 2012 at 5:21 pm

My mom would love the The Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-Out Spray! She deserves one because the one she has is totally broken and every time I go to use it, it sprays in every which direction. I hate it!


The Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet would be great for my hard working mother. She is in her 70’s, mows the lawn, grows her food in a wonderful garden, is an amazing cook, is starting her own organic food operation. She has always been someone that gets it done with determination and hard work. She would love this faucet for cleaning pots and pan and dishes and washing fresh produce from the garden. She is Semi – Pro Chef and deserves a Semi Pro faucet. The industrial look matches her kitchen and I am sure it would be well tested.


the Quince High Arc Faucet with Pull-out Spray would be my mother-in-laws choice of all faucets. They are all beautiful but this one fits her style. the faucet seems to be ergonomically designed which is good for people with all types of aliments of the hand and is the best choice for her.


I love the Quince! My Mom is the sweetest Mom ever and it would make Mom very happy to have one of them to make her hard job just a tad easier. She has cooked for her children and now her Grandchildren for over sixty years and anything to make her life a little easier is what she deserves and has earned. If I were to give this to her-I’m guessing she would make me my favorite chocolate meringue pie! Because that’s how she rolls!! I love my Mommy!!


I think my mom would love the Pekoe, however, based on her sink I think she would need the Quince Semi-Pro. But the sleek look of the Quince High-Arc and the functionality of the pull out spray looks great too. This is a tough choice, but what’s good to know is that since they’re American Standard, you know you can count on them being quality products.


The Quince High Arc would be perfect! My Mom loves to cook pasta which of course requires a large pot. The Quince would allow her to get the pot under the faucet with ease. Her current faucet is from 1986 and the handle is difficult to control. A new American Standard faucet would be greatly appreciated!

Professor Toilet
May 18th, 2012 at 6:31 am

Fans, I’m overwhelmed with all of these great comments and the love you have for your moms. This blog post has now been closed to further comments as I will go over every one of your comments and will pick that one lucky mom who will get a mini makeover in her kitchen. Come back to this blog post to see the winner soon. Have a happy Friday. – Professor Toilet

Professor Toilet
May 18th, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Congratulations Jennifer @ Solo Travel Girl. We hope that your mom would enjoy American Standard’s Quince Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet and continues to cook like a Pro!

Thank you all for your comments. I loved them all and I wish I could give all your mothers a faucet. The good news is that there will be more and more giveaways I’ll be having on my blog. Keep on reading, keep on commenting. – Professor Toilet


The Quince Semi-Professional Faucet grabs my attention with its style, function, and features. Mom will work wonders with meal prep and clean up utilizing the height and mobility of this spendid tool. But the temp set capability pushes it to the top. I visualize this faucet actually making work fun.

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