A Place of his Own: The Ultimate Man Cave for Dad & Giveaway – Happy Father’s Day


Sometimes it’s called a man cave, a man space or even a mantuary; it’s a place to unwind, indulge in a favorite hobby, play pool or gather with friends to watch the game. In honor of Dad this Father’s Day, we’ve put together some ideas for the ultimate man cave with cues from some of our favorite TV shows. Can you spot the American Standard products we snuck in?

How To Enter:
Does your Dad have a special space where he goes to get away from it all? For father’s day this year, Professor Toilet is giving away your choice of one of our powerful new Champion PRO or Cadet PRO Toilets or a Decorum Urinal to outfit your dad’s space. Just tell us what your dad’s ultimate man cave would be and why you think he’s deserving of a new toilet or urinal. Professor Toilet and his team will pick their favorite response on Sunday, July 1st, 2012 and announce the winner on July 2nd, so submit your entry today.  Happy Father’s Day!

Edit: Congratulations to Gerald McCarty whose hilarious poem, “An Ode to Dad”, made us laugh. Gerald’s father must’ve had a huge part in instilling a sense of humor to his children! Read the winning comment below:

An Ode to Dad.
My Dad is an endearing guy, but I fear his water bill is way too high.
His toilet flushes way too much and the old porcelain is unpleasant to the eye.
A new American Standard toilet would be such a great big rush,
And the lower water bills would be a bonus reminded with every flush.
My dear father just turned eighty eight
and a new toilet for him would really be great.
If he wins I could not be prouder
but for his merits I’ll just have to scream louder.
Thanks Dad

Thank you to everyone who entered our “Ultimate Man Cave” Giveaway! Stay tuned with us as we introduce new givaways and more all summer long!

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Well, my husband is a great father but he doesn’t have a man space….yet! However, we are planning on finally putting up a garage this year after being married for almost 9 years and talking about it for just as long!


com satisfaccion mantengo mi water mas de 13 años en perfecto funcionamiento gracias a la calidad gracias

Dwanah S. Dwanah
June 19th, 2012 at 7:04 am

My dad’s special place for a get away would actually be the basement of the outside garage. Yes, the garage will have a basement even thou it is not even attach to the house. It will be design for dad’s hiding and fun time. It will have a TV, entertainment system, a little bar and mainly a full bath. He can even spend the night there if he wants.It is going to look like one bedroom space without a bedroom.


My dad’s ultimate man cave would have a large television wall with multiple views available so he could watch more than one ________ball (insert sport) game at a time. It would have a very comfy lounge recliner with easy access to a fridge (without having to get out of his seat). There would be a remote control and head phones so he wouldn’t hear anything but the television.
The reason he needs a new toilet is because he has well water so it has stained his old toilet. The old toilet is low and he has back and knee issues so it is harder for him to sit on it every day. The old toilet also doesn’t work so great so he has to use a different toilet in the house for different outcomes (if you know what I mean). He has lived in this house for 24 years and hasn’t gotten anything new for it in about that same length of time.


the men in my life are boys/tweens who need a male cave where they can listen to their radios/mp3 players (loudly), play video games and hang with friends. After cleaning up the basement from last year’s hurricane, I am ready to create a cool cave for them. Luckily there is plumbing, we just need an American Standard toilet to install


wife, two daughters, and mother in law…even the dogs are girls….need a throne of my own!!!…have cleared a corner in the garage to escape too…

Sharon Shacklett
June 19th, 2012 at 8:00 am

My husband’s ultimate man-cave would look like a sports bar. There would be lots of brewery stuff on the walls along with stuff from his favorite teams. He’d have a keg-o-rator with his favorite beer and cold mugs in the freezer. In the bathroom he’d love an American Standard toilet for those times when…

Michael J Moscato
June 19th, 2012 at 8:34 am

My Father’s man cave would definitely consist of an overstocked book shelf with all of the current periodicals. He would have very good computer on a scissor shelf that he could pull out from the wall while he was focusing in the man cave. The commode would be located in the center of the wall with the reading materials on one side and computer on the other. There would be a towel warmer and a towel chiller so he could use them to release tight muscles or cool down after a workout. The tub would have a whirlpool and the center would an island for drawing ideas down so he could be very creative in his man cave. There would be a built in refrigerator stocked with hi needed refreshments!!!


My husband loves to catch up on his reading in the restroom. His current throne is in need of updating to make it a more relaxable and pleasurable experience. The only other thing he would need is a rack to store his reading materials neatly within his kingdom.


My husband deserves his own urinal. He has almost single handily rennovated our house, and is now starting on the rennovation of the cabin in the country, which he uses for hunting. We are in the process of getting a well dug, but right now we have a “flush” toilet that we haul water from the rain barrel to. (No joke) It is quite nice to have the “flush” toliet, and the first time I had ever seen a “flush” toilet listed as a selling point for a cabin and 10 acres. Once we get the well dug, (should happen in the later part of the summer)having his own urinal would really outfit the “man-camp”. I am invited, and of course I already have the “flush” toilet, but a urinal, would really be the thing to have as the ultimate man’s get away from civilization, but still being civilized. We haul water and heat it in the sun for a bath in the outdoor tub as well.


My husband’s “man cave” will be in our basement. I want it to be quiet place for him to relax and “get away from it all.” However, the bath”room” in this 250 year old basement currently is bare and in need of alot of work which we will do ourselves. (It was the formerly (and currently) known “ugliest bathroom” entry, but not a winner, in your previous Ugliest Bathroom contest.) I’d love to have a new, attractive, more efficient, and comfortable toilet for him (who had 2 knee replacements last year) so he can really enjoy himself “in there.” Then he can sit in a nice, spacious recliner, watch tv, listen to music, think quietly, and take a nap in that precious man cave. Thank you!


As the Dad, I am the best person to design my ultimate man-cave. Mine begins with a 3 car garage, including a car lift in one bay, that is separate from the house. There would be some extra space for shop tools and a sitting area to watch TV or videos. It would be plumbed with a half bath to keep me from messing up the house bathroom with grease and dirt from my hands and shoes as well as a small kitchen area. All the comforts of home with ammenities just for me.


So I’m talking about an old farm house. Definitely there’s room for the boys, and the workroom/private haunt sports a bathroom…at least it passes for one. Take the toilet (please take it), it is vintage 1929, very low to the ground, small, and round. Hardly captures the essence, if you get my drift, for this crowd of guys. So, I’ll just come right out: I want a modern toilet, high, elongated, large capacity, strong flush, and additionally a urinal. So it’s out: that’s what we need in the worst way.


Nuts to putting one in the barn or garage…I’m doing a gut rehab on my bathroom and there isn’t anything left in the budget for a new toilet. I’d love to win this one!


Due to the economy, I have had my eldest daughter and her family move in with my wife and I; two extra adults and 3 grand children. Plus I have had to close my architectural office meoving that into our home. We have no space in out 1950’s contemporary home in which one can hear someone changing their mind. I am planning on building a SIP panel and glass office/shed/storage unit behind the house. This will be my man-cave. I could greatly use an American Standard Toilet for this build. I’d like to add a rain-water cistern so we would could keep our water bill down as well.


My Dad’s mancave would be a space in the basement…which is sound proofed;60” lcd screen, top o line sound system for him to enjoy his tunes ….loudly like he likes it…so he can sing like he likes to do,and we dont have to hear him! Nice recliner to relax in,to watch his movies. He being a stay at home dad for the last 10 yrs since our triplet girls joined our family. A lot of work for one man to do! He needs a place to unwind after a nite at work…and a day with us.playin music seems to be his favourite pastime…


The man cave would be a two bedroom, two bath efficiency apartment in a metal building located next to the golf course. A large living area, separating the two bedrooms, would be combined with a kitchen and bar area. Each bedroom would have a walk-in closet; one of the closets would be large enough to have a laundry room; the other closet would be large enough to convert to a home office. The American Standard Champion Pro toilet would be complimented with other American Standard products to complete the man cave!


My boyfriend is a wonderful father to his children and a positive role model to mine. He is the guy that will help you with any home project and you know it will be done right. He asks for nothing in return ever. He is now building his Man Cave complete with a new bathroom. Every real Man Cave has to have its own “throne”. The only thing that concerns me is “the no girls allowed sign” LOL. American Standard make a great “Throne” for a great Man!


Need a man cave so I can sit on the American Standard throne in peace!


Have one, use it, happy with it.


My husband recently built an amazing detached man-cave adjacent to our home. The room has a HD projector, in-wall surround sound and is soundproofed so he and his guy friends can play guitar at all hours of the night. The man-cave’s A/V closet is the ideal location for a new American Standard urinal. Recently, the flower bed next to the man-cave has been receiving addition “fertilizer” and my hydrangeas have not been the same since. Please help my husband and, more importantly, my flowers by providing him with a better place to “fertilize!” Many thanks.


My husband’s ultimate man cave would house his various workshops for automitive, art (painting, sculpture, pottery, etc.) and music studio. It would naturally need to be detached from the main house and would therefore need a water closet with map score of 1000 that can flush a bucket of golf balls, since he would probably be trying that out (imagine their surprise at the water and sewer authority when a bucket of golf balls comes rolling into the treatment plant!) My husband is deserving of a Champion Pro Elongated Right Height toilet because he specifies American Standard water closets exclusively!


My father had prostate cancer and beat it. One side effect is increased facility use and I think all my dad needs to make him happy is a nice toilette in the garage where he spends most of his time.


My dad has definitely claimed the garage. We used to use it for woodworking when we are kids, but since then it’s become a hangout for him and his best friend (our labrador retriever) to work on the old Jeep he invested in.

Needless to say, with all the great memories he has out there he definitely deserves his own bathroom!


Well, my dad does not spend much time in our cave. We have a really cool finished, walk-out basement with an awesome TV, fridge, theater chairs and dart board. But my dad does not hang out there because you have to go up one flight of stairs to get to a bathroom – and it’s the bathroom that my sister uses. So it smells like flowers and has piles of clothes and towels on the floor.

It would be completely sick if there was a urinal in the cave. My dad could hang out with me and my little brother – watch baseball on TV; watch us run around the backyard. It would be our perfect girl-free zone! He’d never leave!!


My husband has been dreaming of having his own personal space w/ a pool table ever since we had our house built in 2001. Last summer his dream came true and we decided to turn our 2 car garage into his man cave. he searched online for a used pool table and found a classic pool table of his dreams. He spent months insulating, painting and redoing the electrical lighting to get the right feel of a classic pool hall from when he used to go play w/ his dad as a kid. Having a toilet in the same space would be convenient, but it might have to be added on to the space as its kind of limited free space as it is w/ the pool table and the seating area, but i’m sure he would be extremely excited to not have to walk outside of the garage during a game to run in the house to use the bathroom! lol


My husband just deserves something to brighten his day and lighten his load ((no pun intended)) ha ha .. Seriously, he cares for his family with the utmost pride. His mother has alzheimers, and was diagnosed 3 years ago. She is currently under hospice care with a month or so to go before our Father calls her home. Just would be nice if something nice happened to my husband. He deserves it :) Thanks


Hi My Husband Paul deserves a man cave and a pro champion toilet. He is a hard working dad of three ages 5-2-and 6mo. He works nights and takes care of our kids during the day while I am at work. He would love to have a place to call his man cave. A place to watch the baseball and football games with his boys and maybe play a little pool with his friends. He always thinks of his kids and his family before himself and it would be nice to do something for him as a surprise. It would also be nice to have the champion pro so on top of all the other things he does he would not have to worry about plunging the toilet. Which happens alot in our house with two little boys. I hope someday I can give him his dream man cave that he deserves.


My husband’s man cave would have SEVERAL computers, arcades and a pool table. Ideally with direct access from the garage. He would certainly enjoy his OWN bathroom….he has always told me, in the ideal world each spouse should have their own private space!


My husband has a work room upstairs, and his two toilets are broken. He turned off the water this past week, because it was running continually. So when he goes upstairs to exercise he has to use the toilet in the hallway. That toilet also needs replacing. But, money is tight. I just was able to safe enough to get him a garage opener, he needed that, because it was terrible lifting and closing that garage door. But, if we don’t win, will get new toilets, because we really need them, we just have to safe for them. Have a nice day. Sincerely, JC.


I could use a new water closet for myself and my dog he would love it!
(my dog loves to drink out of it in the barn)


My husband and our son need a separate cave, otherwise, they “ruining” our warm washlet.


My husbands man cave is his workshop in the basement, it’s a real basement no frills just lots of workbenches and tools. I have always thought the purfect touch to this space would be a urinal, he would love it and use every chance he got. He is always working hard for our family fixing and building this for us it would be nice to do something for him for a change especially something that would be just for him.


My man cave will be a 42″ wide x 96″ long x 6′ deep hole if I don’t get a little R&R shortly. This life is getting tougher by the day. If I had an above ground man cave there is no doubt that it would be complete with a urinal an automatic flush valve (something my son would need to assure a good flush). I don’t know who deserves a man cave more, me or my wife to get rid of me for a little while.


My husbands man cave is his workshop in the basement, it’s a real basement no frills just lots of workbenches and tools. I have always thought the purfect touch to this space would be a urinal, he would love it and use every chance he got. He is always working hard for our family fixing and building this for us it would be nice to do something for him for a change especially something that would be just for him. I also love the idea that it doesn’t need to be in a bathroom it can just be in his space.

Vicki Bowenschulte
June 19th, 2012 at 11:30 am

My man is not particular. Living in a small house with just one bathroom, my husband said, ” After 33 years of marriage you would think that when I want to sit a spell, there is either the wife hogging the pot or a dogs head in it drinking all the water.” He would love a space of his own even if it’s in a closet! HA HA a water closet.
PS. No, I don’t think we’re Rednecks.


The goal of my husband’s basement mancave is to have a toilet that he can use without running for the plunger. Since he put in an American Standard toilet about a month ago in his under construction mancave, he only rushes to get there on time. No worries about his new toilet overflowing like the Gerber toilet on the main level. I was conditioned to hear the garage door open and shut after he used the bathroom. He constantly had to get the plunger to get his logs to go down. I think he deserves another American Standard toilet to replace the substandard toilet in his main level mancave.


“The outhouse is always occupied!”
“n it sher would be nice to finally have one a yur nice thrones on the inside!”
Ya’ll have a nice one now. :-) (Big Smile)


“The outhouse is always occupied!”
“n it sher would be nice to finally have one a yur nice thrones on the inside!”

Ya’ll have a nice one now. :-) (Big Smile)


An Ode to Dad.
My Dad is an endearing guy, but I fear his water bill is way too high.
His toilet flushes way too much and the old porcelain is unpleasant to the eye.
A new American Standard toilet would be such a great big rush,
And the lower water bills would be a bonus reminded with every flush.
My dear father just turned eighty eight
and a new toilet for him would really be great.
If he wins I could not be prouder
but for his merits I’ll just have to scream louder.
Thanks Dad


When my husband and I built our home, he acted as the general contractor, while working full time at his IT related job. With 3 kids, one a newborn, tagging along to the construction site, every week in our mini-van (aka construction van), it took us 3 years to build it. As with most of these do it yourself projects, we went over budget and never finished the basement.

The reasons I am planning to create a man cave for him in our basement, are 1)that he only asked for two things in the new house for himself…a urinal (that did not fit my classy master bath design) and no window in the master bedroom (since he has to have complete darkness to sleep). Well he realized you must have a window to meet code but it didn’t help that he ended up with almost 10′ of windows. What can I say, I love natural light and I was still hormonal from baby number 3…so I won 😉 2) With 3 kids under age 9, we always have someone crawling into our bed in the middle of the night so now when he has to get up early the next day (most weeknights), he sleeps in my 6 year old daughter’s pink princess room underneath her butterfly canopy while Hannah gets to sleep with mom.

Now that we are finally able to finish the basement, there is no way I can deny the poor man his man cave in a dark corner of the basement with a big tv, sound system, a recliner, and a fold out sofa bed in case he needs a good night rest from his “loves to cuddle” family. He sleeps in a pink room…the man deserves a toilet!


As I slide into the senior years, I find my space very special. I need privacy, serenity,reflection time and most importantly pet research projects. This vacation from reality is maximized by toilet thinking. My cave would absoloutly need this environment to provide a treasured retreat. With my big screen TV booming with Sports and my favorite beverage at my right hand,I am at bliss knowing that nothing , including the need to leave the room is accomodated.

Thank you American Standard


American Standard toilet to replace the substandard toilet I hope someday I can give him his dream man cave that he deserves.


I replaced the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with a Champion and ever since the bathroom in the basement goes virtually unused. I have been thinking about installing a right height toilet down stairs (aging knees) but, have a wife and three daughters and really hate to give up my alone time.


My husband has a man cave in our master bath. He has a microwave, small frig, and a big screen monitor for his computer and tv, he has an american standard tub, toilet, and sink,and he has mentioned many times how he would like an urinal for just him. He constantly complaining that the kids are always using our toilet when he needs it. He has provided well for the kids and I thats why I feel he needs his on personal urinal for his man cave


My dad is a total MALE. Although he’s human, and I am a Shih Tzu… also a total MALE, I think he is terrific. I love to follow him into the bathroom where we both sit comfortably for lots of time together. He reads or does the crossword puzzle. I get to sniff and relax. I know he won’t share a new ‘commode” with me but it would be wonderful to fit out this most relaxing men’s room of ours with a special “pot” for my favorite dad to be enthroned on! Maxx


After 49 years of being married to the same woman, I’m ready to remodel my man cave and what can be better than have a new throne to sit on!


The best place is ” on the throne” for dad. To be number one you have to finish doing number two!


I have a huge home of 15 rooms would love to update this home ,will do so this summer .can not wait to get worn out. I need at least one new toilet.


Ah, I couldn’t think of a man more deserving of a new toilet than my husband…When he is home he spends most of his time there due to various medical conditions and for emotional comfort; the toliet is really old and even the toilet seat needs to be replaced-it slides around…Presently he is wearing a cast due to a broken leg and has to limp to use the toilet..He is a very loyal user and all he needs in the bathroom is a clock, a two or three level stand for magazines, odds & ends, etc., We could really use your help to modernize the “throne”.


My husband loves to catch up on his reading in the restroom. His current throne is in need of updating to make it a more relaxable and pleasurable experience. The only other thing he would need is a rack to store his reading materials neatly within his kingdom,and comfort is a must even for me

Caroline and Juliaun
June 19th, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Of course Dad needs a urinal in his man cave!! Dad’s man cave is in our basement. It is also known as “The Star Wars Room.” Dad collects Star Wars and puts EVERYHING on display. At first Dad’s man cave was our playroom; but, we outgrew it and it turned into Dad’s playroom (teehee). Dad has a great space next to his Star Wars room for a bathroom just hasn’t put one in yet. Dad works super hard to get us what we want and need, it would be nice to get him what he wants. A urnial in his man cave would really make it a MAN cave. Plus then the boys can use the urnial and then there will be no boys (aka baby brothers) peeing on the floor in the upstairs bathroom!


I am 49 years old, and have worked longingly to have a manly area in my home.I currently have a man cave! Nothing, but nothing would complete the aura of manliness as would a urinal. Urinals exude manliness! So, how ’bout it baby! URINAL YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!


The man cave would have all American Standard products. Sink,shower,toilet. Also a TV,remote,radio,night stand,phone. Tired of using a plunger 3 tomes a day.


I need a man cave as I have a partner that loves to play electronic, hand held games in that room and needs a place to store them. He also needs to be comfortable for a length of time when he is in there. A new “space “would be wonderful!


My men/boys deserve the Decorum Urinal in their man cave! Just moving here 6 weeks ago from out west, my boyfriend set upon building a “fort” for my sons, 10 and 6, on the hill side behind the house, instead of building a garage for himself.

This “fort” has morphed into the ultimate Man Cave! 16×16 in the trees about 40′ above the creek, it overlooks the house! Only a bridge, a walkway and the platform are completed and it is already the envy of the neighborhood. Plans include a deck, electric service for all year use, and bunks for sleepovers. The “big boys” are already planning a poker night as well. The Decorum Urinal would be the perfect finishing touch!

I wish I could add pictures of our progress to date because everyone that has seen it has been extremely impressed! And can’t wait to stay in it, even the girls are planning a takeover! Can girls use a urinal?!?!?


My husband’s 3 favorite things in this world are: of course us his family, me Wendy, his wife of 27 years and our two boys and grand daughters! Garrett and his daughters Emma and Isabella who works for an Home Improvement store and Drew who is a pastry Chef in Florida. #2 favorite thing is plumbing most normal people on vacation would go to the Hotel pool, not Fred he goes into the garage and looks at the plumbing then checks out all the restrooms #3 favorite thing is Live Acoustic Music!! So in Freddy’s Man Cave we would definitely have to have subterrian piping, new beautiful American Standard Fixtures-especially a urinal (it is more for me, cause he forever comes in and uses the guest bathroom) nice sink and faucet. A refrigerator to keep the necessities in. Lastly a stage where local indie musicians can come and play!! Thanks so much for listening.
Freddythe Flusher’s Wife

Michael Calabrese
June 21st, 2012 at 8:36 am

My dad has a room in the basement where he and I can go and play music together. He plays the guitar and pal ythe drums. i am 15 years old. The music spot in the basement is where we get together tp play our music and talk. If we had a bathroom down there we would never have to come upstairs.


My mancave is our home’s large two-car attached garage. We moved in to this house four years ago, and over the last two years, I’ve added insulation, lighting, heating, a work space for woodworking, and my half-barrel, all-grain brewhouse for making homebrew beer (which of, of course requires plumbing for both brewing process, and the consumption process). The adjoining bathroom is next on the project list. I’m okay with the current toilet that we inherited, but my wife tells me that women prefer toilets with an elongated bowl. In the interest of creating a gender-equal man-cave, that can also a girl-cave from time to time (after all, my wife is in there brewing too, often with my mom), I hope that you see my situation favorably and select me to receive the Champion Pro toilet. The girls in my life will be forever grateful.


My husband’s ultimate man-cave would be plastered with Red Sox & Patriot’s memorabilia. He’s very nostalgic and I’m sure he would love a collection of all his favorite music from his youth to the present. My husband deserves a new toilet, his very own throne, fit for a king – one that he doesn’t have to share with anyone.

Rosalee Sears-Ford
June 22nd, 2012 at 5:23 am

My husband would like to enjoy the shop in our garage as the garage has become a storage place for furniture and household goods leftover from the kid’s college days. Clean out time, and the introduction of American Standard facilities to complete the retreat would bring much happiness to my man. Our son would likely be smiling too as he has used the garage for poker with his buddies.

Ronald Wolniewicz
June 22nd, 2012 at 6:47 am

A dad’s cave has traditional been the garage but in the snow belt states a fixture with porcelain and water in below freezing weather is a bad idea


definitely need a hug TV w/ high def & surround sound, also a treadmill & elliptical machine. also would need the classic man cave mini fridge and a nice sofa that reclines!


Got a getaway in the basement, now I just need to Man it up a bit….a urinal would do the job, and get the message across that this is MAN Territory….


My Dad’s ultimate man cave would definitely include a urinal, most likely a waterfree, 1.) because Dad never flushes, let alone washes his hands afterward, then again, water would be a nice addition to the equation. 2.) the need for a urinal is most evident in the fact that Dad goes to whatever bush is closest to his man cave and relieves himself there. Oh, yeah, a urinal is definiteley needed…

Professor Toilet
July 5th, 2012 at 11:53 am

Congratulations Gerald! We loved your hilarious “Ode to Dad” poem. We know you’ll make your dad proud that your sense of humor and artistic skills have earned him a new toilet or urinal to replace his “old porcelain”. Look out for an email from socialmedia@americanstandard.com coming your way soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered with your creative responses!

-Professor Toilet

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