Mother’s Day 2013: Win a Kitchen Faucet & No Dirty Dishes!


Remember that bag of potpourri you got for your Mom that one Mother’s Day? Or what about that colossal “my-size” teddy bear?  This year, get your Mom something she’ll actually use…

This Mother’s Day, Professor Toilet and his team are celebrating all the wonderful Moms with a giveaway starting now and leading up to No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18th! All you have to do is tell us, in the comments section below, what your Mom’s time is better spent doing instead of washing dishes (i.e. golfing, painting, scuba diving?).

On May 20th, we will choose our favorite comment to win a Quince 1-Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet. This casually styled kitchen faucet makes clean-up a breeze with its two spray functions, memory position handle to set water at your preferred temperature and a high arc swivel spout. Now all that’s missing is a volunteer to make “No Dirty Dishes” a reality…

How to Enter

1. To enter to win the Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet, leave a comment answering the question “What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”

2. Also, tell us how your mom would use this kitchen faucet (perhaps to whip up a favorite recipe?).

Professor Toilet and his team will choose their favorite entry on Monday May 20th, 2013 as the winner,  so hurry and enter before May 18, 5PM ET. No purchase necessary to enter. This contest is open to US and Canada (excluding Quebec) residents. Good Luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Larry S. whose wife and family will be enjoying a brand new Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet in their kitchen! “We have been married 45 yrs and wishing we could have another 45. “My wife is busy all the time. We are both 62 yrs. old and have 2 adopted children ages 6 and 14. That takes up a lot of her time and mine also but she is the primary caregiver…. she is amazing and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. We have been married 45 yrs and wishing we could have another 45,” says Larry. Congratulations and enjoy your new faucet!

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Instead of washing dishes mom would rather spend some time riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle down the open highway.


My Mom (Nonna) would love to spend more time with all her grandchildren especially on holidays when we all get together(which is very rare). She loves to cook. Always wants to clean the kitchen and do the dishes so everyone else could relax and enjoy each other’s company. She refused to let anyone in her kitchen.

Her sink had an old faucet that leaked from everywhere, but never wanted anyone to change it. I think she was a little embraced about it. But it didn’t bother her. I can imagine what she would think of the Quince. Boy, I can see her face now. We would all want to wash the dishes with this new faucet. The modern age would come to our Nonna’s kitchen and she would love it.


My Mom would be fixing ME a home made dessert, apple pie with vanilla ice cream
She would use the faucet by having me wash the dishes


Mom could better spend her time volunteering at the local food pantry.

Mom would use the new kitchen faucet to make lemonade to share with all the kids in the neighborhood.


Mom’s day best spent sweeping the room with a glance (not washing the dishes!).

I hope she’d install this in her new wet bar!


Excellent Products and Faucet


Planting flowers in her garden and enjoying her Grandchildren.

Carroll Treacy
May 9th, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Mom’s time is better spent on creating wonderful dinners which she loves to prepare for family members. Everyone in the family likes to get a call to visit Mom’s kitchen for dinner because she always surprises us with new dishes she’s never made before but which are delicious for all of us. Dad does the clean-up work afterwards so Mom can rest up.

Stephanie Mark
May 9th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Mom’s time is better spent making delicious food. The beautiful faucet is for vital cleaning aside from cooking and drinking our delicous well water.


My mom would rather go to the park or art museum than wash dishes. She could use this faucet to wash the dog after her trip to the park.

May 9th, 2013 at 3:28 pm

She would take a long, hot bath, relaxing, surrounded by candles !


using the Quince faucet My little Momma would have more time to crochet
gifts for our 16 grandchildern and friends or have time to play Golf with her Husband.


spraying them with a quince


My mom is a master gardener, and her kitchen is adjacent to the garden door. In addition, her sink sits just below a sunny window where she starts many of her plants in early spring. Once the ground thaws, she’d much rather be out of doors, digging over her beds, than inside cleaning the kitchen.
She would love to use this faucet to fill her watering can, clean pots, water seedlings, arrange cut flowers… The one-hand function to control both the water temperature and the on-off would make all these tasks easier.
Happy Mother’s Day to your staff!


She would love to sit on her back deck with a good book and a large glass of ice cold sun tea.
Well,she would whip up one of her great salads. To be able to wash her lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and anything else she’d add to it. She would be very excited to have that faucet at her vegetable sink.


Time with family as well as self rather than at the sink

patrick dimartino
May 9th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

planning our next american standard bathroom rennovation my wife would would use this kitchen faucet to water our potted tomato plants, then use the tomato’s in a fresh marinara sauce…..


My mom could make cookies for my dad and sister, rather than washing dishes. The Quince Faucet looks beautiful.

Melissa Genrich
May 9th, 2013 at 5:57 pm

My wife will be reading a book quietly alone and taking a nap with her daughter instead of working.


She’d rather play with her granddaughter than do dishes.
Since she doesn’t have a laundry tub, she will use this kitchen faucet to fill a watering can and try to give her cat a bath.


Mom’s time in the kitchen is best spent baking, which she loves to do. This faucet would be a big help in flower arranging, another of her hobbies.

gerald hartman
May 9th, 2013 at 6:54 pm

bake a cake


My mom would appreciate any extra time she could to play with her grandkids. They are her world.

She would use her new faucet to cook up some pierogies.


My elderly mother’s time would be better spent crocheting beautiful doll clothes for her grandbabies than doing dishes. I’d like to say she would whip up some tasty food using her new faucet, but the truth is, my dad does most of the cooking; mom is the cleaner upper.


Instead of doing dishes, mom could be playing bingo at the local hall.


My Mom’s time is better spent doing her pottery hobby. Then she would be able to use the Quince Faucet to wash up afterwards.


My mom’s time is better spent sharing her love with her children and grandchildren. This amazing woman has over 84 years of wisdom and love just waiting to share with present generations.

The Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet would be used to prepare her fabulous much-loved recipes for her family as well as a blessing to relieve the challenges she endures daily from the arthritis in her hands.


She loves to paint and having this great faucet would make her clean up easier and give her more tome to spend with her second love…her grandkids.


My moms time is better spent on mothers day, relaxing and enjoying her grandchildren for once. She could whip up the grandkids favorite, “Swedish Meatballs” that would be a hit!


mom time is better spent relaxing in the yard haveing barbegue cooked by dad as her sons plant the spring garden and as she watches her grand children run around the yard and play with the dog who is chasing the ball the kids are throwing.


Would love the chance to win this faucet and see how well it works!
It is always helpfull to see working fixtures, and to test them. Thanks for the chance! Faucet looks great! Nice Design!


Her time would be better spent reading and relaxing in the garden, which she loves to do, but is always in the kitchen preparing for her family.


My mom’s time would be better spent caring for her herd of animals which include dogs, cats, goats, and chickens!


preparing her yummy dishes. she would use this all the time because the kitchen is central to the home


My moms time is better spent kayaking around a nearby lake. It makes her so happy.
If she had to use it, it might get used to give her new grand daughter a bath.


My mom can bake more goodies. Such as her cheesecake. That
Faucet would also be helpful in the makings of


My Mom’s time is better spent with all the Grandkids planting flowers and veggies this summer. And then when the flowers are in bloom and the veggies and herbs are grown she can spent time in the kitchen teaching them the family recipes that her Mom passed down the generations. Great family tradition. And teaching the kids how to cook and clean up after themselves.. nothing better!


I think she would love to be washing the glasses, forks ans spoons


My Mom would be better spent sitting on her rear end watching her favorite tv shows (because she watches a zillion a day!). It is what she enjoys doing now that she is retired.

My Mom would probably be the sweet, generous Mother she is and give the faucet to me because she knows that I need new faucets and she is always thinking of others!


Her time would be better spent by relaxing somewhere and getting a massage. It would be very useful for her to wash the dishes with this faucet especially because she still hand washes everything.


My mom would love a new faucet, in fact I think she has asked me about 1 for her home. I love the style of this faucet and really would like to try it out installed. My mother is 85 and still spry and active, I would love to make her Mothers Day by presenting her something she really wants this year.

christine stander
May 10th, 2013 at 9:15 am

My mom would spend her time better swinging me on the swing I am little only once. Love you mom!

Rebecca Goforth
May 10th, 2013 at 9:54 am

My mother raised raised 4 step kids along with her 4. There were 3 or 4 in diapers (cloth) at the same time. She has washed to many dishes in her life time. She would rather be watching her flowers grow and the birds at the feeders.
My mother does enjoy cooking for my daddy and brother who has cerbrel palsey. She washes fruits and vegetables daily. Her and my father have a garden and she will be working with that facet for hours a day while washing, canning, jelling and freezing her food.


My mom’s time would be better spent playing with her 3 grandchildren than washing dishes 😉


And she would use the new faucet to put water in a pot to boil potatoes for her yummy potato soup. :)


My Mom’s time would be better spent volunteering at a local church run thrift shop, women’s institute activities or church activities. All this at the age of 86….amazing and so inspiring! I think she deserves a new faucet….don’t you?
I think she would use it to prepare and cleanup after a big family dinner that she loves to prepare for a small group of about 20 family members :)


My mom would have more time to sit and watch classic scifi and horror movies with us. She loves those movies.


This would give my Mom and me more time to sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking.

And then she could stand over me and smile at her new faucet as I washed the dishes for her. :)


I would really like to see my mother win this beautiful faucet. She is 74 years old and has nine grand children. My mother has always been there for everyone, neighbors, family members, and friends. She has a lifelong passion for cooking, but I would like to get her out of her kitchen so she can spend quality time with her grandchildren, family & friends watching movies, enjoying the outdoors events like the beach, mountains, and collecting antiques figures. Her present kitchen faucet is old and is in need of a dying replacement. She is retired and is living on a limited income. I would love to see her facial expression if she should be the lucky choosen person to win this beautiful faucet. I cant think of a better non-selfish person who deserves this beautiful gift. Thank you!!


My Mom’s time is better spent enjoying herself. She has two grandsons under a year old and she waited a very long time for them. She likes to spend time with them when she can.
My Mom also would prefer to read her mystery novels, play with her iPad, sew or relax in front of her British shows. She also needs to go to Hawaii at some point.
She only has two years until she retires and she has spent many hours washing dishes throughout her life. Almost anything would be better time spent!


Mom’s time is better spent spending time with us, reading books or playing board games. I am certain my mom would use this kitchen faucet to make us bowls of steaming hot oatmeal for breakfast in the mornings before school!


My mother will enjoy some cheesy gladiator or kung foo movies from her sofa, then after mother’s day, she’ll make some cheesy macaroni and cheese with stewed tomatoes on the side. Mom’s the best!


Mom could spend her time better relaxing than doing dishes
Then she could make us all a good drink


My wifes time would be better spent cooking me a dinner and leave the dishwashing to me.


My mom has done a lot of dishes and she would use this new faucet for many things. She runs an organic farm and would use the new faucet for washing vegetables and washing dirty hands over and over again day after day. She deserves a good faucet given the use she will give it.

Maridale Bitterfield
May 12th, 2013 at 2:30 pm

My mom was always on the go. NO dishes to wash means more places to go.

Anthony Montuori
May 14th, 2013 at 6:06 am

There are so many ways a Quince Faucet with its wonderful features to help prepare foods and for cleaning that would help free her to do so many other things. She loves playing the organ, creative projects and volunteering. There would be no more time wasted in the kitchen for this mom.


She would be outside, sitting in her favorite chair..reading under the tree. They are in the process of redoing their kitchen..what a beautiful piece to accentuate the new kitchen.


If my mom had no dishes to do, she could spend more time in our family garden. We’re all sharing in the work & will all share in the harvest.

If she had the Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet,she would use it to clean all those veggies we bring in from the garden!

Steven Stallone
May 17th, 2013 at 8:14 am

Spending time with me her husbandbut actually we share the duties in the kitchen so we will have more time t spend together.


She would definitely be shopping than doing dishes, and would use this faucet after making her famous homemade from scratch chocolate cake & frosting.


My beautiful Italian Mom Kathleen would rather be cooking homemade Italian pasta and sauce for us then doing dishes or volunteering singing along and playing the piano for the preschoolers at Saint Vincent’s in Santa Barbara. She loves kids and we are still her two favorite big kids even though we are all grown up. My mom is a remarkable woman, she learned CPR years ago (just in case) including Child and Infant CPR and she even saved an infants life at a JcPenney outlet in Sylmar, CA. A bunch of family members were standing around this woman holding a baby screaming and my mom watched as the baby turned blue drastically right in front of her eyes and she immediately acted w CPR and saved the baby’s life..

So I feel she’s the Mother who shouldn’t ever have to do any dishes whatsoever!!

Diana F – Santa Barbara, Ca


my mom would rather be planting flowers or swimming and would use this faucet to cook us up our favorite meal after washing off fresh veggies1


Mom would much rather be reading a book, gardening, or playing with grandkids than doing the dishes.

And, she doesn’t cook, but uses the kitchen faucet to wash her grandkids’ dirty hands and let them play in the water. My mom’s awesome.


My moms time is better spent drinking wine and eating sushi with me at our favorite sushi bar. And also playing bridge.


I am the mom. I would much rather be reading or making a book than washing dishes. If I had the Quince 1-handle Kitchen Faucet, I would replace the creaky faucet in my laundry room where I make paper. Wow, would that be an improvement! Making paper is a watery job and a good faucet that only requires one hand to operate would make the pulp preparation so much easier! This is also the sink where I do the cleanup after I have finished sewing and gluing the dried and pressed paper into a book block. Most aspects of bookmaking would be greatly enhanced by a Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet.


Fishing for Walleye!


Me Mum is looking forward to a Kitchen remodel and has limited funding this would be a great addition and would enable her to upgrade her countertop as well.

Instead of washing dishes her time will change from task time to quality time and be better spent with her grand children.

It will be much easier for her to use this kitchen faucet to fill her watering can to keep her indoor plants well nourished.


My mom would spend more time going fishing.


“What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”
My mom would be spending more time with the people she has in her life. SHe loves to share time and talents with all she has the pleasure of knowing. If she had more time I am sure her circle of friends would be multiplied as well as her ability to give more.


My wife is busy all the time. We are both 62 yrs. old and have 2 adopted chidren ages 6 and 14. That takes up alot of her time and mine also but she is the primary caregiver. We have 4 garden plots as well that we spend alot of time in.( mainly her right now since I can’t bend or lift until I’m released by the Doctor that did back surgeryon me
Anyway she is amazing and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. We have been married 45 yrs and wishing we could have another 45.. Anyway dishes is just one part of what she does.


Mom would have more time to work with the handicapped in teaching aerobics. This is her passion.


Mon would use it to wash off her fresh vegable as she cook with them all the time.The Quince 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet has a nice sprayer that wuld work just ine fine for Her.


My 87 year old mom would use her time away from washing dishes to visit her more elderly neighbors bringing them some great company with her sunny disposition.

She would love a faucet that pulls out to fill her coffee maker, water her plant or clean the sides of her sink instead of filling glass after glass with water to accomplish these tasks.


If my mom had no dishes to do, she could spend more time gardening and riding a bike


Now that mom has retired, she has rediscovered a love of cooking and watches all the cooking shows and tries all sorts of new recipes! So if she had no dishes to do, I bet she would be busy cooking up a storm and when she wasn’t cooking, she would be enjoying her gardens, talking to her plants and flowers!


If my mom had no dishes to do, she could spend more time gardening


Mom would not be anywhere near the kitchen and doing absolutely nothing for her children! Mom would be spending a lovely day in the sun planting her new garden to include hierloom roses and daylillies. She MIGHT plant tomatoes or cucumbers (pickles!) but mostly her garden would be something pretty to look at. When she gets too hot in the sun, she’ll cannonball into the pool totally clothed. (Really, she does this!)

Mom would use the faucet to fill up the cut crystal vases she uses to display her lovely scented roses. Or a pot to scald the tomatoes so she can make homemade tomato sauce!


“What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”

My mothers time is better spent being surrounded by her family while she prepares and cooks all the family favorites with Love. Then we can clean up the mess for her!


My mom’s time would be better spent playing the piano for her family of 9 children, while we all sang along with her beautiful voice.


My mothers time is better spent laughing and enjoying life. My mom would use the faucet to brag about her son and hopefully I could persuade her to a chocolate pie.


Better spent growing a beautiful garden full of flowers.


Mom would spend the time working on her many craft projects.

Mom would use the faucet when preparing food in the kitchen and doing the dishes.


If all goes well I’ll have all summer to put it in because moms time can be better spent during the summer at BBq’s, ball games and the endless frolic of summer. Once the fall rolls around and the faucet is in then we would be ready for the march of the holidays when it’s really needed.
I know the point is where would her time be better spnet, but like all moms she LOVES bieng int he kitchen and cooking for her family. the real question is how can we install quality in that time.

Morris Lieberman
May 17th, 2013 at 2:09 pm

“What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”

How she is going to get her husband to help her with her other projects.

Mom would use the faucet to replace leaking old faucet she does not wish to replace because it is white! She has this hesitance to change.


My mom’s time is better spent watching her favorite Hangover movie.

Nothing beats watching her laugh and giggle at the jokes and antics of the actors.

Moms should never waste their time washing dishes….they should enjoy life!


Mom should use her time doing whatever it is she truely wants to do!


My mom’s time is better spent on doing something she enjoys outside, like gardening or playing with her dog. However, with a beautiful facet like the one you are giving away, she might just want to try it out washing dishes……


Mommieo’s time will be better spent sitten on the front porch sippen some ice tea watchen those old neighbors fight about whose turn it is to wash the dishes, and then I can see her simile with that one tooth and chuckle with that scrachy voice and say, not me.

mom is going to use that faucet to spray water on the fires that her beloved son makes when he tries to cook her a mother’s day dinner with all the fixens. Love you mommieo!!! sorry about the fire. =0


My mom love her kitchen, she love to cook and create a new dishes, and ever maintein very clean, but she want to remodeling the kitchen and love your brand . Actually she have a faucet American Standard for 15 years .


Mom would use this faucet to wash her hands after removing the (other brand) faucet that was supposed to be guaranteed for life and installing this one in it’s place. She’s pretty handy that way.

She could use her new faucet to prepare food for us kids, all the while telling us “Come on, eat some more. You’re not overweight!””


My mom’s time would be MUCH better off spent playing with the Grandkids!

She would use this amazing new faucet to make doing dishes FUN! She can start by giving the grandkids ice cream and then they could all wash the bowls and spoons together. (My kids love any excuse to get into the kitchen sink.)


We would all gather at my Mom’s house for a nice family dinner. All five children and thirteen grandchildren. Everyone would bring a favorite dish to share. After dinner my Mom would sit on the back porch and watch the grandchildren run and play hide-in-seek.
My Mom’s children would be in the kitchen cleaning up storing the leftovers and washing the dishes.
My Mom would enjoy watching the grandchildren run and play with their cousins. These family dinners and children’s games make strong ties within our family.


there would be more time for me to spend with my mom. she would have more time to spend with my brother who is coming home for the first time since he left to university. instead of washing dishes she would be spending her free time fixing up her little garden. :)


My Mom would rather be doing “anything” else than washing dishes. There is nothing that drives my mother insane more than when my brother and I leave dirty dishes on the countertop rather than put them in the dishwasher 2′ away. My Mom would rather be beading her jewelry projects, tole painting, watching my younger brother’s wrestling matches or football games, going to the beach and watching me surf, volunteering at the golden retriever rescue or for the Boy Scouts or just sitting and reading a book. She is always too busy to do anything that she really likes to do. Also she could use this faucet because our house was totaled from Tropical Storm Sandy and we are now having it built again. All of our faucets and sinks have to be replaced.


Not sure what my wife would rather be doing but I am sure that she would enjoy the opportunity to decide what to do with the new found free time. My guess is that me and the kids would be doing something else to provide her the freedom of choice.

Supardi Dermawan
May 17th, 2013 at 5:23 pm

Spend quality time enjoying home meal at dinner table with the rest of the family.

The current old and leaked faucet will be replace by new quick – quince 1 handle pull down and taking care dishes faster and better.

Jim Shepherd, CPD
May 17th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

ANYTHING! She loves to be outdoors.


Enjoying time with her grandchildren, cooking their favourite dinner.


Absolutely, she’s a line dancer…Mom would better spend her valuable time kicking up her heals, and then she’d focus on all the things I need to do to get myself together.


Instead of washing Dishes Mom loves and prefers playing ball with the children


My mother’s time is better spent enjoying time with the family instead of washing dishes. My mother enjoys making homemade pies and speacial family recipes from the 1800’s and 1900’s. We would like to see her with a new faucet as the one she has now showers her when she is making her delicious recipes.


My Mom’s time is better spent helping me be a better boy and growing instead of washing dishes like dad wants

gerald mccartyg
May 17th, 2013 at 7:11 pm

Ode to Mom

What more can be said about mothers?

When given their choice or druthers,

They would rather do anything but dishes,

Whether it be biking or catching fishes.

On a hike or a day at the races,

She’d rather be in one of these places.

Than stuck inside doing dishes.

So I’ll offer up my rhyme,

in the knick of time.

For mothers deserve a few wishes.

I’ll hope my words do cause it.

For Mom to win a new Quince High Arc Kitchen Faucet.

Love ya Mom,


Paul Piccirello
May 17th, 2013 at 7:32 pm

“Dishes” is a word that rings loudly with the tone of monotony and sadness. We live in a time period where time itself is our most valued and least copious resource, and yet it seems that we are all doomed at some point to the unrelenting, and ultimately wasteful duty of doing the dishes. It is a calling that demands many levels of effort and fortitude, not unlike the strength required to trudge through a blizzard, or shamble through a desert. For this daunting task, I must thank my Mother and her developed dishwashing skills. I can only regret that her efforts, which are normally spent washing pasta sauce and excess milk away, can be spent on much more productive ends.

Such ends are readily available in multitudes, and their importance is obvious. For instance, why do the dishes when one can learn a language? The uses in international espionage and translations are countless for that end. Why bother with dishes when one could endeavor to walk on the beach and ponder about the meanings of life? Why wash pieces of glass when one could skydive, or go waterskiing, or tame tigers? Alas, my Mother’s interests are as lax as said tamed tigers, and thus the excess time would be spent with the new faucet, allowing for the production of gardens and beautiful culinary masterpieces. Perhaps she would spend time nurturing her dogs (quenching them using said faucet, of course), or doing less exhausting work. When all is said and done, however, any precious time that my Mother can save is good time, and we dearly value any bit of time that can be bestowed upon her.

Janice Silvvera
May 17th, 2013 at 8:23 pm

I am the mom of 5 supposibly grown kids and 7 grankids. We, that my hubby of 41 almost years both take turns washing dishes. It would be nice to get another American Standard faucet because we installed two new one in our rental ( old family) plus a new shower kit in the bathroom, but it would be nice to have one at our home. We have always a Hand washed dishes. It’s a great way to keep your hands clean. We have been work for over a year on the home restore and almost done on the inside. So it would be nice to get new faucet for ours home. So I’m the mom that my tired, dirty hands from moving concrete pavers all day would enjoy a beautiful faucet like this one. You could also use it to wash your hair under the faucet or shampoo your pup in the sink. My time could be better used getting online and planning our next project. So that’s from this mom.


Watching a Johnny Depp movie. Yum.


Mom can spend more time with the grandchildren instead of doing dishes.


Moms time would be better spent spending time with us kids instead of doing dishes. We love to gather around the table and eat her yummy chocolate chip cookies and putting puzzles together.


She can spend time in her garden and with her grandchildren.


Instead of washing dishes Mom would better spend her time doing her hobbies of making gifts for others by decorative painting, crafting, calligraphy, sewing and cooking/baking and all of the other things she loves to do to make gifts for others.


Mom would love to go pick wild blackberries with the grandkids than wash dishes and the grandkids love to do things with Nana. Then wash off those berries with her new Quince 1-Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet.


My Mom has three passions, golfing, cooking and entertaining. The new faucet would make clean up a snap and add a welcomed new look to her kitchen.


My mother needs to spend more time doing things for herself, rather than have to spend it doing dishes.


Rather than being in the kitchen doing dishes Mom would be spending time with her grand children.


“What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”

Enjoying her Soap opera


Instead of washing dishes, my Mom’s time is best spent with her Children and Grandchildren, sharing stories and thoughts, creating memories that will stay with everyone for their lives and that will be passed on to future generations.

With this faucet my Mom could watch her children do all the clean up.


My wife would rather spend any precious lesiure time relaxing with friends instead of doing dishes.
She would use the new tap and pull out spray handle to splash me when i make a mess in her kitchen.


My mom has a walker with a basket. The basket was to carry cleaning supplies to allow her to go around the house to clean. However, instead of cleaning supplies, my mom has makeup. (One never knows when the mailman will show up with a big package). Do you think she wants to spend much time at the sink?
The flexible braided hose is perfect for her to get into a water fight with the kids. Put it on stream to get you in the back of the head and when you turn around, switch to spray, right to the face. While you are wiping the water off your face, slip the faucet back into place. “How did you get wet? I’m just standing here holding onto my walker and putting some lipstick on.”


Mom could much better spend her time relaxing during a much deserved day off, while we take care of all of the cooking, cleaning, and dishes for her.


“What is your Mom’s time better spent doing instead of washing dishes?”

(a) Volunteering time at local hospital.

(b) Gardening.

(c) Offer helping hand to senior citizens in the neighborhood.

2. Also, tell us how your mom would use this kitchen faucet (perhaps to whip up a favorite recipe?).

(a) To keep kitchen counter and sink neat and clean.

(b) Enhance the look of her kitchen.

Harold Heitlauf
May 20th, 2013 at 6:26 am

Making Mom’s life easier would be a blessing at 89, with the new simple and clean looking Quince One Handle. She spends a lot of time at the kitchen faucet while cooking and cleaning up for Dad and the family. She is one in a million.

Professor Toilet
May 21st, 2013 at 8:18 am

Hello Larry,

Congratulations! You’ve been selected as the winner of Professor Toilet’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – enjoy your new Quince Faucet! We have contacted you via email, please look out for it in your inbox to claim your prize.


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Really nice event. For any mom the best time spend is along with their kids, and family rather then washing dishes , so with kids, they play, go for outing a, birthday celebration and all , are the moments are most precious.


Nice event, are you going to do this again for 2014?

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