Celebrate your Champion dad this Father’s Day – WIN a $100 Gift Card!


He spends his free time volunteering at the soup kitchen, soothes scraped knees and coaches the local soccer league…

Here’s to the Champion dads that stand up for what they believe in; whether champions at home, in the community or at work, we want to hear what YOUR Champion dad does. Nominate your dad by telling us his story for a chance to win a $100 American Express gift card!

Water-Conserving Reliability with the Champion PRO Toilet

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Give dad another reason to be a superhero; for every Champion toilet you buy, American Standard will donate one Sanitary Toilet Pan for distribution in a developing country, helping saving thousands of lives through better sanitation. Learn more at FlushForGood.com 

How to Enter

To enter to win a $100 American Express gift card, leave a comment answering the question “Why is your dad a Champion?”

Professor Toilet and his team will choose their favorite entry on Monday June 24th, 2013 as the winner,  so hurry and enter before June 21st, 5PM ET. No purchase is necessary to enter. This contest is open to US and Canada (excluding Quebec) residents. Good Luck!

Be a Champion today and help save lives by visiting FlushForGood.com 

Update: Congratulations to Athena F. and her Champion Dad!

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The dad in our family is a champion because he “helps people.” That’s what we told our two young boys when he was deployed. Now that he is home again he is still a champion because he spends time teaching the boys to fish, just signed up as a den leader for cub scouts and still takes the time to play and snuggle! :)


My Dad is a champion because he taught me to always look on the bright side and always have hope. And I often think about this when Father’s Day rolls around.

As a teen, I always thought my problems were big, whether they were about social relationships at school or my inability to succeed in certain classes.

But Dad could easily remind that my problems weren’t as dramatic as I thought.

He’d ask me to think about the homeless and ask me if I had a good home. (I did.) He asked me to think about third-world nations and asked me if I liked where I lived. (I did.) He’d ask if I had enough food to eat, good medical care and a family who loved me. (Yes, yes and yes.)

Pretty soon, even a teenager could realize their problems really weren’t so big.

I use this skill all the time now that I’m an adult. No matter how bad of day I’ve had, I try to think of those conversations long ago and how my problems could be a lot worse. Then I take a deep breath and go on with my life, happy with the knowledge that I have a happy home and family that loves me. That, really, trumps everything else.


My Dad is a Champion because he just installed two CHAMPION toilets in our home…. The reason he selected the the champion toilet was for the promotion “The power of a champion” for every champion toilet purchased American Standard will donate a sanitary toilet pan . He is a plumber, and he talks all of his customers into going with the Champion not only for a great toilet but for a good cause.

Forrest Flanagan
June 12th, 2013 at 3:08 pm

I don’t need to tell you why my dad was a champion. What truly matters is he was a superhero to me and his grand children. Our live are better for being a part of him. I hope to be half the man he was.


My dad deserves this more than any man I can think of. Let me tell you why. When I was a Freshman in high school my mother broke his heart an left, unlike any other man I know, my dad gave up his social life took on a whole lot more hours at work and does everything for me and my two brothers that he can possibly do. Even by working so much he always makes it to every football game, cheer commotion, track meets, softball games, and anything his family is participating in. He also try’s to coach his nieces in football an softball.

He also sits down every day and goes over our homework and talks over my day with us.
Please you guys I want to give my dad the best gift I can ever give him and I just don’t have the money for it at all. That’s why I’m reaching out to you. Please help me make my dad happy on Father’s Day.

Thank you for your time

jennifer chadwick
June 13th, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Because he loves me like no one else


My husband who is a DAD is my Champion, because he got me a 13″ champion toilet for I’m handcapped. Now he went out to get himself a champion, and as soon as we have money we will get the two champions we need. for the upper floor.


My husband is a true champion for his family. He has been unable to work for a number of years due to back and leg pain. We bought a house in 1988 and the past 10 years have seen every major repair imaginable. But my husband, who hates to spend money, always comes to the rescue. Laying on his back for hours at a time, he has replaced three toilets, unstopped drains all over the house, unstopped toilets discovered while he was preparing dinner and replaced every faucet in our house at least twice. He never complains and has saved untold thousands of dollars in repair bills. I know this because only twice has he called a professional and I saw the bills. I’m so glad I married this man. He can resolve any plumbing issue, handle household repairs including electronic devices and toys (to the delight of our grandchildren). This is just a hint at all our Champion does for his family.


The Dad in the house is the Mr.Fix-It Everything!
He always there for us and gave us the Champion Toilet
and even add a Washlet to it. We love it. Both of them works perfectly.
Even our guest love to talk about it, the Toilet and the Washlet.
Yes, the Dad is our champion in our home.


My Dad is a Champion for all he has been through. Even if he doesn’t recognize the children he helped bring into this world anymore. From the Korean Conflict to Two tours in Viet Nam and then to come home to the ‘Tribe’ he sired, he has endured the most anyone can expect! Thank you, Dad!


My Dad is the best because when my birth parents both died he took me in with my handicapped sister and adopted us. He really looks after us, he does everything he can to give us love and kindness. He listens to me. I love him.


My father is a CHAMPION because he raised two of us when our mom passed away from cancer when I was 8. He worked two jobs at times to give us what we needed. Love my father to death. I wanna be just like him with my son.He devoted his entire life to his two daughters.He worked come home to change diapers, feed, and bath us when we were little.. He has stepped up for his oldest daughter, he is the one to take her to her Appt., physical therapy, and always there when my sister is feeling low.. He builds her up and makes sure she knows and understands that she can do and be anything she wants.. He has the heart of a lion.


I would like to nominate my husband because he is a Champion Dad! Not only is he a Soldier but he is the Champion Father to our four little girls. He is the handiest man I have ever come to know. He always provides and is very eager about being a great dad. He volunteers at church helping the homeless with shelter and always stops to help a person out with car trouble. He takes our little girls out on dates to show them how a real man should treat them and respect them. I am blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life to raise our children with.

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