Tips for Creating a Green Bathroom


It’s easy for bathrooms to become a source of energy waste in our homes. Taking long showers, running water while you brush your teeth, using light bulbs that require a lot of energy to burn and linens that are chemically processed are just a few ways we tend to be not-so-green in our bathrooms.

Luckily there are low-maintenance changes you can make in your bathroom that will give it a more natural look while also practicing a green and money-conscious lifestyle.

Faucets with Friendly Flow and Water Conservation

Chatfield Bathroom Faucet

Chatfield 2- Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet by American Standard

Faucets like the Chatfield are compliant with low water flow standards (1.2 gallons per minute) and help to reduce the amount of water that is potentially wasted when you use your bathroom sink. This faucet is also designed so that the water flows naturally in a way that’s inspired by water flowing in nature. If you’re interested in updating multiple parts of your bathroom consider a low flow toilet and a low flow shower head as well.

You can also make changes to your routine that will help you respect the environment as you follow through with your regular hygiene habits. Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth, take slightly cooler showers and limit the amount of time the water runs in order to get hot before you hop in.

Recycle Food Containers for Storage

Instead of throwing out containers like jelly jars and food cans, repurpose them as stylish storage for plants, toothbrushes, soap dispensers and other bathroom knickknacks.

Easily remove labels from jars by letting it soak in small container of soapy water. Don’t fill the container with too much water! You just need enough of the water mixture so that the label on the jar is covered. Put the jar in the container over the sink in case the water mixture overflows. Within a couple of minutes the label should be read to peel off.

The sharp edges of cans can be made safer by cutting the open end with a can opener like you did to remove the lid. You can also use a rotary tool to smooth out the edges.

Use LED Bulbs and Natural Light


The sounds of the outdoors and sunlight brings a refreshing atmosphere to the bathroom.

Via Shutterstock

Nothing brings you close to nature like the sounds of the outdoors and sunlight. If you have the budget to do a moderate home renovation project, consider installing a window that will emit plenty of natural light to your bathroom so that turning on your light fixtures is only necessary when it’s dark outside. You can also consider replacing window coverings with something a bit more sheer to help let the light in.

For the times when natural light just won’t cut it, consider switching to LED (light bulbs. They use 80-85 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs light bulb while emitting an equal amount of light and lasting much longer. Also with the falling price of LED bulbs now is the time to switch.

Use All-Natural Linens

By using towels with all natural fibers you can feel good about you and your family avoiding the chemicals that are often used in towels and wash cloths to achieve their vibrant color.

Towels made from materials like bamboo viscose and organic linen or hemp are chemical-free and dry faster than cotton towels. Natural towels are also an improvement because chemically processed towels can lose absorbency and hold odor over time.

If you’re a big fan of soft, heavier towels consider certified organic cotton. These towels may not dry as quickly as other all-natural options, but they aren’t chemically treated.

Get creative with your older linens by making your own soap pouch instead of purchasing new loofas or using liquid soap. Create a small soap pouch out of an old hand towel or wash cloth and leave an open side for the soap to tuck into. This can help you avoid waste and gives you another use for a towel you no longer want to keep.

Even small eco-friendly changes can make a big difference in your bathroom. Try these tips and tell us what else you do to live a green lifestyle in every room of your home.


Brittney Sheffield is a writer for The Home Depot who covers home décor tips and home improvement projects. A selection of bathroom fixtures like handheld shower heads and accessories are available at The Home Depot and can be found on the company’s website.

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