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It’s easy for bathrooms to become a source of energy waste in our homes. Taking long showers, running water while you brush your teeth, using light bulbs that require a lot of energy to burn and linens that are chemically processed are just a few ways we tend to be not-so-green in our bathrooms.

Luckily there are low-maintenance changes you can make in your bathroom that will give it a more natural look while also practicing a green and money-conscious lifestyle.

Faucets with Friendly Flow and Water Conservation

Chatfield Bathroom Faucet

Chatfield 2- Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet by American Standard

Faucets like the Chatfield are compliant with low water flow standards (1.2 gallons per minute) and help to reduce the amount of water that is potentially wasted when you use your bathroom sink. This faucet is also designed so that the water flows naturally in a way that’s inspired by water flowing in nature. If you’re interested in updating multiple parts of your bathroom consider a low flow toilet and a low flow shower head as well.

You can also make changes to your routine that will help you respect the environment as you follow through with your regular hygiene habits. Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth, take slightly cooler showers and limit the amount of time the water runs in order to get hot before you hop in.

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Huntley SelectfFo Kitchen Faucet

Huntley SelectfFo Kitchen Faucet


Nobody likes doing the dishes, especially after a large gathering. Everyone is full of tasty food and good cheer and it’s not fun to leave the party to do chores. But do you allow the mess to sit overnight and let the food cement onto the dishes? Tough call.

There are plenty of upgrades you can make in your kitchen to up the efficiency ante, and the one that tops the list is swapping our your old kitchen faucet for a new pull-down, multi-function fixture like the Huntley SelectFlo from American Standard.

The SelectFlo creates an effective cleaning experience that easily turns the doldrums of dishwashing into a cinch. Here are some of the features that will help you tackle any task:

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Lillian Pull- Down Kitchen Faucet ASB

American Standard Lillian Pull- Down Kitchen Faucet

Hosting parties during the holidays can be both fun and stressful. If you make a few updates to your kitchen and take a little bit of extra time to prepare before the holidays arrive, you may be able to pull off a stress-free party season.
So before the holidays sneak up on us, consider these suggestions to help you prepare.

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This Father’s Day, American Standard is honoring our Porcelain Throne Savers, Duct Tape Masters, Mr. Fix-It’s, Tool Savant’s, Car Connoisseur’s, Ultimate Uncloggers, At-Home Plumbers and Helpful Handyman’s … well you may know them better as Dad. We are giving you the opportunity to win an American Standard VorMax Toilet in our Father’s Day Giveaway on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.

Win the Heritage VorMax Right Height Elongated Toilet for the great Dad in your life!

How do I enter?

To enter, simply visit American Standard on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and share your favorite picture with your Dad or of your Dad as a post reply including the hashtag #NotYourStandardDad. Beginning on Monday, June 15th to Monday, June 22nd. Entries are limited to one per day.

The random winner will be announced on or around June 25th. U.S. and Canada residents only. Read the official rules below.

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The bathroom can be one of the most neglected rooms in the house. It is said that a person can spend an average of 3 years on the toilet. You comb your hair, brush your teeth, shave, and you know what in the bathroom, so why not pay a little attention to it and spice it up a little? Renovations can be daunting and costly for any homeowner, but simple changes can revitalize any space and make it look brand new!

So, put your D.I.Y hat on and let’s see how these simple and easy steps can make a difference in the look and feel of your home.

Step 1: Pick a style or inspiration.

Choosing a specific style, theme or inspiration is the building block for the development of your space.

Suite image of the American Standard Berwick and Boulevard Collection.

Are you the modern, minimalist and streamlined type? Modern spaces focus primarily on function and organization. These spaces are simple and spacious with clean lines and industrial materials like chrome and glass.

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This holiday season American Standard is spreading the holiday cheer to all of our fans! The holidays are a time for us to show appreciation to the ones that we love and create long-lasting memories. To show our appreciation to fans like you, we are giving you the opportunity to win American Standard kitchen and bath products in our 5 Days of Holiday Giveaway on our Facebook Page.

Win prizes like the Xavier Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with SelectFlo Technology:

How do I enter?
To enter, simply visit American Standard on Facebook and answer the daily questions as a post reply beginning on Monday, December 8th to Friday, December 12th. Entries are limited to one per question.

Giveaway winners will be announced via Facebook on Monday, December 15th. U.S. and Canada residents only. Read the official rules after the jump!

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Everyone deserves a safe place to “go”.

Did you know that the advent of the toilet has saved more lives than any other invention in history? That’s right – more than seat belts, vaccinations or any medical device, modern sanitation has improved women’s equality, living conditions, health and even economies!

Last year, we awarded Williamsburg Elementary School in Williamsburg, Ohio with 10 brand new toilets to replace their outdated facilities which hadn’t been changed in decades! We also awarded organizations like the Family Bridge Homeless Shelter, Winfield Area Habitat for Humanity, and the Natchez Festival of Music with new, water-efficient toilets and funds towards the installation.

EDIT: We have a winner! Congratulations to Our House Residential Job Training Program for Youth in Brookeville, Maryland which received multiple nominations and captivated our panel of Judges with their moving mission to equip abandoned, abused, homeless, and orphaned teenage boys with carpentry skills, workforce readiness, and GED preparation. Here are their nominations!


Congratulations! Our House will be receiving 7 toilets and 3 urinals for their new training center, along with $2,000 USD from American Standard to use towards installation. Thank you to all who submitted a nomination to this year’s contest and shared your passion for providing a deserving organization or individual with new toilets. 

This year, we’re once again making an ode to the commode by awarding a deserving organization or individual with Thank You Toilets & $200 USD per toilet (to be used towards installation) for their home, school or other facility. The winner will be announced on World Toilet Day, November 19th!

How can you make a nomination?

From now until November 14th, 2014, nominate one deserving group or individual to receive a toilet or toilets (up to 10) of their choice from American Standard by uploading a photo of their current bathroom facilities to Instagram. Be sure to include the following caption (in 50 words or less):

  • How the nominee has had a positive impact on others on a personal/community level;
  • Why the nominee would benefit from and is deserving of receiving up to a maximum of 10 new toilets (i.e. outdated facilities which need renovating, etc.)

Don’t forget to include the hashtag “#ThankYouToiletContest” and tag American Standard at “@American_Standard” in your caption to make it official! Don’t have an Instagram account? You can still enter by sending us your photo and caption to (see official rules for more details)

A panel of judges from American Standard will evaluate each submission using the criteria listed above. The winning organization, group or individual will be announced on World Toilet Day, November 19th, 2014! No purchase is necessary. This contest is open to legal residents of the (50) United States ,the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) 18 years of age or older. Official rules after the jump.

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When you’ve got family members from different generations living in your home, it’s important to be sensitive to everyone’s changing needs. Sometimes you must walk a fine line with seniors because they highly value their independence, but their aging bodies can betray them in their physical abilities. As the years go by, seniors can experience reduced hearing and vision and decreased muscle strength and mobility, which can increase the risk of falls.

One of the most dangerous rooms in your home for fall risks is the bathroom. When you combine slippery tile on the shower and floor along with small, hard-to-maneuver spaces, the result can be disastrous. Fortunately, there are a number of modifications you can make to this room to make it safer and more secure for your entire family.

Bathtub Solutions

Suite image featuring the American Standard Ovation Collection

Today’s scalable bathing solutions offer optimal comfort and convenience while still retaining their aesthetically pleasing qualities. One example is American Standard’s Ovation Bathtub. This modern, sleek, extremely durable tub comes in easy retrofit sizes for existing bathtub alcoves while allowing its occupant more bathing space and elbow room. It also has textured anti-slip floors that drastically increase bathtub safety.

Another great option for a comfortable and safe bathing experience is a walk-in bathtub.  These models, also available from American Standard, are complete with a generous seating area, multiple grab bars, and simple lever handles that are easy for arthritic hands to use.

Safer Floors

Maximizing floor space for easy navigation is another way to make your bathroom safer for seniors. Installing space-saving fixtures like toilets with compact elongated bowls and pedestal sinks allow for more room to maneuver in the bathroom. Once you’ve created more floor space, make sure that it is free of any trip hazards such as loose rugs, toys and clothes.

Grab Bars

Grab bars, especially those strategically placed near the toilet and in the shower, do wonders for fall prevention in bathrooms. Standing on one leg for a senior can be difficult enough, but when lifting the other leg over a tub wall at the same time, things can get downright precarious. If you or anyone in your home has mobility or balance problems, installing grab bars can do just the trick for aging in place and bathroom safety.

How do you plan on making your bathroom safer?


Sarah Kellner is a writer for The Home Depot who frequently writes on safety tips and home design topics. See the full array of bathroom safety products available at


Plumber checking pipe for leaks

It’s summer time and that means it’s vacation time! Whether you decide to relax on the beach or go camping in the woods, vacations allow us to sit back, relax and be worry free for a few days.

Flight and hotel booked… check, Passport… check, Suitcase packed… check! Now what’s next? Your home of course! Preparing your home can aid in avoiding any unexpected events such as broken water connections, power surges and high utility bills. So, it is important that when you are planning a vacation to make sure that you include taking steps to protect your home while you’re away.

Here are some things to look for:

1. Check for leaks. This includes water, air and gas leaks. It is important to continuously monitor all of the sources for potential water leaks such as the water meter, garden hose, hose-bibs, and valves. Locating the source of a leak can be a difficult process, so hiring a professional would aid in fixing the leak and preventing any future problems.

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Next time you hear that inexplicable clank in the middle of the night, no need to fret; our plumber friends at RotoRooter attempt to explain the “paranormal” pipe activity this Halloween:

It is the season of ghosts and goblins, when people like a good scare in the spirit of Halloween, but what about the other 11 months of the year? We have listed the top 10 cities notorious for being the most haunted places in the U.S., reportedly home to many inexplicable, ghostly encounters of sight and sound.  

While we cannot account for the visions some claim to experience, many homeowners who find they are jumping at crashes, clanks and bumps in the night, might consider calling in an expert… a plumbing expert.  Below is a list of the 10 most haunted cities, along with the five most common plumbing noises confused for paranormal frights.    

According to, a popular list website, the Top Ten Haunted U.S. Cities are:

  1. New Orleans, LA
  2. Savannah, GA
  3. Gettysburg, PA
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Salem, MA
  6. Charleston, SC
  7. Portland, OR
  8. Athens, OH
  9. Key West, FL
  10. San Francisco, CA

Plumbers Explain the Paranormal

What do these places have in common that helps to explain their haunted atmospheres? History! These are some of the oldest, most traveled cities, and historic areas have historic buildings and homes. Older homes may come with some ghosts, but they also tend to come with some noises that can be more easily explained.

A common complaint of clanging or rattling is usually a culprit of unsecure piping and walls that are not insulated.

Additionally, old metal pipes, as opposed to standard use of plastic today, expand and contract with hot water usage creating horrifying hissing or creepy cracking sounds.

Simple kinetic energy accounts for one of the loudest plumbing problems, called a water hammer. Water hammers typically occur when dishwashers, washing machines or toilets suddenly stop the flow of water and the pipes absorb the shock from the stopped force.  When the water is shutoff, there is a loud banging sound.