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January is Bathroom Safety Month! This may not seem like the most exciting or important observance, especially compared to widely celebrated holidays like World Toilet Day. However, the Professor recently read some very sobering statistics that should make anyone reevaluate the importance of investing in home furnishings and fixtures designed to help keep seniors safe and steady, especially in the bathroom. A few examples:

  • 70% of home accidents occur in the bathroom
  • Every 2.3 seconds, an adult aged 65 or older suffers a fall
  • 40% of those hospitalized from hip fractures do not return home

Whether you are making arrangements to have an aging parent move into your home or simply wish to plan ahead to grow older independently in your own home, incorporating universal design features into your home can be a wise idea. Fortunately, there are many ways to help prevent slips and falls, even while maintaining a stylish and luxurious bathroom.

One task that can be especially dangerous for older adults – and anyone with limited mobility, such as after an injury – is getting in and out of the bathtub. According to a recent report submitted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 370 Americans suffer bathtub or shower-related injuries every day.

An increasingly popular solution to this issue is to upgrade to a walk-in bath. Modern walk-in tubs are attractive and available with luxury options like air bath and whirlpool features. The Professor is also impressed by the special Quick Drain option available on American Standard’s line of walk-in baths that drains water from the tub in less than 2 minutes, so there’s no need for a long, cold wait before exiting the tub.

Other smart safety choices in the bathroom include lavatory faucets with lever handles and/or a single-control function that are easier to operate than other designs. A taller toilet (with a base that measures approx. 16 1/2 inches high instead of the standard 15 inches) will be more comfortable for everyone in the family to use, and also a safer option for seniors.

Ready to start making your bathroom a safer, more comfortable place to be? The Professor is pleased to offer the chance to win a single-control JADO Hatteras faucet to help you do just that. The stylish faucet meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and is also WaterSense-certified. For your chance to win, just answer the following questions in the comments. The Professor will choose his favorite response on 2/3/12 as the winner.

1. What are some creative ways you gear up your bathroom to be a safe place for children and the elderly to use?

2. What creative remedies have you found to protect against falls on a slippery tub or floor?

3. What are some changes you have made to your home that will allow you to “age in place”?

4. Thinking of safety with the other end of the age spectrum, what are the best ways to baby-proof a bathroom? What are your favorite kid-friendly safety devices?

Well into the school year and cruising towards the hectic holiday season, the Professor has noticed that stress levels are on the rise for kids and parents alike. At least that seems to be the case for many of the Professor’s favorite bloggers. Melissa of Fun Saving Moneyrecently shared a photo of her two “little balls of energy” and notes that while her life wouldn’t be complete without them, finding time for peace and quiet is also important.

A trip to the spa might be every mom’s ideal way to relax, but for a family on a budget, a spa getaway must be a rare treat at best. A great affordable, easily accessible solution is a multi-function showerhead like the Monoglide hand held shower head from American Standard. The Monoglide offers four soothing spray patterns that you can easily change with a flick of the thumb on a non-slip sliding button. And as the hip mom at Retail Therapy Lounge notes, the Monoglide’s water-saving 1.5 gallon per minute flow rate means that you can indulge in an extra long shower without worrying about wasting water.

Another de-stressing benefit to a hand held shower head like the Monoglide is that difficult tasks like bathing the kids can become easier and less stressful. Laurie of, for instance, told the Professor that she was interested in a hand shower because bath time was miserable with her daughters who, like most kids, hated getting water in their faces. Both of her girls have long hair, so Laurie needed something that could better rinse their hair and also help teach them how to properly wash. Laurie reported that the Monoglide hand shower did just that, and that there was even giggling instead of crying in the shower! And perhaps best of all, the girls did it themselves and felt very proud that they didn’t need any help.

Of course kids aren’t the only ones who can have a better shower with the Monoglide. The Professor also agrees with Libby of Libby’s Library that a soothing shower is a great healthy way to destress instead of turning to the cookie jar (or liquor cabinet!) at the end of a difficult day. The other great thing about using a shower as relaxation time is that – if you are surrounded by noisy children as Beth of Simply Budgeted is – the closed bathroom door combined with the white noise of the shower guarantees you at least a few minutes of peace, quiet, and solitude.

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Here is how to install a hand held shower head, one of the easiest home improvement tasks you can do yourself. To demonstrate, the Professor will use the Monoglide hand held shower head from American Standard.

The first step is to remove the existing shower head with an adjustable wrench.

Then, apply teflon tape to the threads of the shower arm.

Next you will use your adjustable wrench to install the shower bracket to the shower arm until the water outlet faces down toward the tub or shower. The bracket is where your Monoglide hand held shower head will hang.

Finally, hand tighten the larger end of the metal hose to the Monoglide hand held shower head and attach the other end to the water outlet on the bracket.


Last step: enjoy a soothing shower with your new multi-function Monoglide hand held shower head to celebrate a job well done!

The typical modern American bathroom often includes a tub/shower combo for bathing. However, many homeowners are returning to the soaking tubs and separate showers of yesteryear when they remodel or build a new home. Why the renewed interest in stand-alone tubs? The Professor believes that it may be because people miss the experience of a relaxing bath. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, a warm bath is a welcome luxury. Alcove tubs just can’t provide the same feeling.

A stand-alone tub can also make a striking statement, style-wise, in a bathroom. Personally, the Professor likes the clean lines and angles of a tub like Porcher’s Lutezia model. However, a tub with a transitional style like the Archive, also from Porcher, is a great choice because it can easily flex between traditional and contemporary styles. Smaller stand-alone tubs – some measure just 66″ x 32″ – are great for smaller bathrooms and urban spaces.

Lutezia Bathroom Suite from Porcher

If you’re thinking of joining the new wave of soakers, remember to do your homework – folks often forget about the weight of the tub once it is filled. Water weighs about 8lbs per gallon, and once you factor in the weight of the unit itself, you can get to 800-900 lbs before you know it. You’ll need to work with your contractor, and follow the install instructions for reinforcing the floor while making provisions for the water lines, blowers and motors. Also, a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a code requirement in most states.

Even though a little homework (and possibly a little extra remodeling work) is necessary to install a new tub, the Professor finds that the style and luxury a stand-alone tub can bring to a bathroom is well worth the effort.

The growing “aging in place” segment of the remodeling industry has caught the Professor’s interest before, and now that the wise folks at Consumers Digest have weighed in on the current offerings of walk-in baths, it seemed like the perfect time to revisit the subject. Three different walk-in tubs from American Standard received recognition for their innovative features and the lifetime warranty protecting the door seal on every tub.

Wondering about the benefits of having a walk-in bath at home? Watch the video below.

It’s true that toilets are the Professor’s main obsession, but a good multi-function shower is hard to beat. Gripping a hand shower to change the spray pattern can be frustrating experience, however, which is why the Professor has been so impressed by American Standard’s new Monoglide hand shower, that features a unique, non-slip sliding button to change the spray. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Upgrading to a whirlpool tub is a great way to bring the relaxing spa experience home with you. The Professor is especially impressed by the EcoSilent whirlpool from American Standard, which is much quieter than a standard whirlpool and uses 45% less energy.

If you’ve ever had to try and cajole a small child into the tub, you know that bath time typically isn’t fun time for anyone. Bending down over the tub can strain a parent’s back, and no matter how many toys and bubbles you bring to the tub, kids still hate having to bathe. The FunBath, a smart new innovation from American Standard, promises to change all that. The bath conversion kit – that comes in designs like a princess castle and a fire truck – fits over an existing standard 60-inch bathtub to make bath time safer, more comfortable and even uses less water.

The minimalist Glance Collection by JADO offers perfect form matched with flawless function to offer a luxurious and appealing shower experience. The video below shows the multiple functions of this elegant shower system.

Adding body sprays to your shower is a great way to create a more luxurious experience. Smart, newer models offer multiple spray patterns, customizable angles, and don’t extend too far out of the wall, so your risk of bumping into the spray heads is low.