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The typical modern American bathroom often includes a tub/shower combo for bathing. However, many homeowners are returning to the soaking tubs and separate showers of yesteryear when they remodel or build a new home. Why the renewed interest in stand-alone tubs? The Professor believes that it may be because people miss the experience of a relaxing bath. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, a warm bath is a welcome luxury. Alcove tubs just can’t provide the same feeling.

A stand-alone tub can also make a striking statement, style-wise, in a bathroom. Personally, the Professor likes the clean lines and angles of a tub like Porcher’s Lutezia model. However, a tub with a transitional style like the Archive, also from Porcher, is a great choice because it can easily flex between traditional and contemporary styles. Smaller stand-alone tubs – some measure just 66″ x 32″ – are great for smaller bathrooms and urban spaces.

Lutezia Bathroom Suite from Porcher

If you’re thinking of joining the new wave of soakers, remember to do your homework – folks often forget about the weight of the tub once it is filled. Water weighs about 8lbs per gallon, and once you factor in the weight of the unit itself, you can get to 800-900 lbs before you know it. You’ll need to work with your contractor, and follow the install instructions for reinforcing the floor while making provisions for the water lines, blowers and motors. Also, a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a code requirement in most states.

Even though a little homework (and possibly a little extra remodeling work) is necessary to install a new tub, the Professor finds that the style and luxury a stand-alone tub can bring to a bathroom is well worth the effort.

If you’ve ever had to try and cajole a small child into the tub, you know that bath time typically isn’t fun time for anyone. Bending down over the tub can strain a parent’s back, and no matter how many toys and bubbles you bring to the tub, kids still hate having to bathe. The FunBath, a smart new innovation from American Standard, promises to change all that. The bath conversion kit – that comes in designs like a princess castle and a fire truck – fits over an existing standard 60-inch bathtub to make bath time safer, more comfortable and even uses less water.


Bathing Innovations: What’s New in the Bathroom

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Bathing doesn’t have to be as basic as slipping into grandma’s old clawfoot tub. Recent innovations in whirlpool systems, bathing surfaces, deep soaking drains, and stay-clean surfaces are improving the experience of bathing. Watch the video below to see what’s new and modern at American Standard.