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No one loves tests as much as professors. And no one loves a test of toilets more than Professor Toilet.

Especially when test results reveal a high grade of satisfaction when it comes to toilets, faucets and showerheads that save water.

American Standard identified 21 homeowners in two suburban Atlanta communities who volunteered to replace their existing toilets and bathroom sink faucets last fall with high-efficiency WaterSense®-certified models, and to replace their showerheads with the highly-rated FloWise showerhead that delivers an invigorating, satisfying soak while reducing water usage up to 40 percent.

After two months of measurement, green building consultant Tommy Linstoth, LEED-AP found an overall household savings of at least 25 percent.  The level of satisfaction has been higher than expected. American Standard has not received a single request to return to the higher-consumption products and several volunteers reported that the products exceeded their expectations, as well as the performance of their previous higher-consumption products. Learn more at Tommy’s blog.

Below, Tommy explains the purpose of the test: