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Ask any child from the age of zero to ten what their favorite activity is and bath time, in most cases, will be somewhere towards the bottom of the list (right next to eating broccoli and going to the dentist). If you’re a parent, you do everything to try to change this, from adding in the infamous floating rubber ducky to bubbles, yet bathing will always be another “chore” that leaves them kicking and screaming. Enter the Welle Household, however, and it’s like you’ve entered an alternate dimension; not only are the Welle children willing to step foot into the bath but they come running (yes, RUNNING) when it’s bath time. In their home, bath time for the kids is fun time and a place to let their imaginations run wild.

For all you curious parents – what exactly is the Welle’s “secret” antidote to the boring bath? Earlier this year, they installed an award-winning American Standard FunBath right over their existing tub. Miranda (mom) chose the Firetruck bath because of the universality of the design for both boys and girls. The four Welle children, whose ages range from 8 years old to 8 months old, get uncommon bragging rights – they get to bathe in a firetruck at home! With three design variations; a Pretty Princess Castle, a Fierce Firetruck and a Customizable Flat Panel version, there’s a Funbath to fit any kid’s tastes.

Since installation, Miranda has been touting the FunBath as the conversation piece in her home; it boasts good looks, reduces the dreaded back strain and was a breeze to install. With a fierce red finish the Firetruck FunBath, which the Welles’ coordinated bath décor around, is nearly impossible to pass without notice. A young visitor was even recently inspired to take a bath after seeing the Fierce Firetruck at the home. And you’ll never stoop to bathe your toddler again. With an elevated frame, the child is seated at a comfortable level so you’re not straining to reach. The FunBath’s acrylic body fits right over any standard 60-inch bathtub, so installation (and uninstalling) is a snap.

After almost a year of use, what’s the verdict? Miranda says “My favorite features of the FunBath are the sprayer so I can rinse the soap out of the kids’ hair easier and the fact that I don’t have to bend over any more to help with bath time.  I even bathe our newborn in the Firetruck!  I never even brought the baby bathtub out of the basement this time.  It’s so convenient to just stand and wash him up in our Funbath that there is no need for the baby tub. And I really like the seat that is at the back of the Firetruck.  It was perfect when our 22 month old was a few months younger.  He could sit there and enjoy a bath with his siblings and wouldn’t have the water getting too high on him.  It’s great that the tub is shallower than a normal bath tub.  It doesn’t take as much water to give the kids a bath either!”

FireTruck Fun Bath for toddlers by American Standard.

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