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Last week the Professor shared some thoughts on the many different kinds of stress that parents feel (and on the amazing ability of a hot shower with American Standard‘s Monoglide hand held shower head to melt those stresses away), but kids aren’t the only causes of stress – sometimes it’s your parents! A great post over at Autumn Blues Reviews explores the many ups and downs of having an aging parent move in with your family.

Even fun and fulfilling things in your life can be causes of stress. Traveling is fun, but, as the Family Focus Blogger points out, it can also be tough on your back and shoulders. Working your way through school is something to be proud of but is hardly an easy or relaxing thing to do, as both Amanda of Nutritionist Reviews and Holly of Home Style Tips could tell you. And while it goes without saying that top bloggers enjoy maintaining their websites and attending events related to their field of interest, a recent story from Xenia of Thanks, Mail Carrier illustrates that even these enjoyable things aren’t stress-free.

And then there’s the stress that the Professor knows a lot about: the stress of fixing things around the house and taking care of your home. Katie of noted that the stress can get even worse after she struggles to fix something only to have her husband step in and make it look easy. The Professor believes in tackling small projects first – installing a hand held shower head like the Monoglide is an extra easy task that just about anyone can do, for example!

The Professor also sends his warmest wishes to Rose of Networking Witches and to Bridget of It’s My Life who are both working through very tough years! Here’s hoping 2012 will be full of hot showers and roses for you both. And to Rachel of Second Time Around, the Professor hopes your little dog is OK! Sounds like you both could use some relaxing – and cleansing! – time in the shower.

Well into the school year and cruising towards the hectic holiday season, the Professor has noticed that stress levels are on the rise for kids and parents alike. At least that seems to be the case for many of the Professor’s favorite bloggers. Melissa of Fun Saving Moneyrecently shared a photo of her two “little balls of energy” and notes that while her life wouldn’t be complete without them, finding time for peace and quiet is also important.

A trip to the spa might be every mom’s ideal way to relax, but for a family on a budget, a spa getaway must be a rare treat at best. A great affordable, easily accessible solution is a multi-function showerhead like the Monoglide hand held shower head from American Standard. The Monoglide offers four soothing spray patterns that you can easily change with a flick of the thumb on a non-slip sliding button. And as the hip mom at Retail Therapy Lounge notes, the Monoglide’s water-saving 1.5 gallon per minute flow rate means that you can indulge in an extra long shower without worrying about wasting water.

Another de-stressing benefit to a hand held shower head like the Monoglide is that difficult tasks like bathing the kids can become easier and less stressful. Laurie of, for instance, told the Professor that she was interested in a hand shower because bath time was miserable with her daughters who, like most kids, hated getting water in their faces. Both of her girls have long hair, so Laurie needed something that could better rinse their hair and also help teach them how to properly wash. Laurie reported that the Monoglide hand shower did just that, and that there was even giggling instead of crying in the shower! And perhaps best of all, the girls did it themselves and felt very proud that they didn’t need any help.

Of course kids aren’t the only ones who can have a better shower with the Monoglide. The Professor also agrees with Libby of Libby’s Library that a soothing shower is a great healthy way to destress instead of turning to the cookie jar (or liquor cabinet!) at the end of a difficult day. The other great thing about using a shower as relaxation time is that – if you are surrounded by noisy children as Beth of Simply Budgeted is – the closed bathroom door combined with the white noise of the shower guarantees you at least a few minutes of peace, quiet, and solitude.

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Here is how to install a hand held shower head, one of the easiest home improvement tasks you can do yourself. To demonstrate, the Professor will use the Monoglide hand held shower head from American Standard.

The first step is to remove the existing shower head with an adjustable wrench.

Then, apply teflon tape to the threads of the shower arm.

Next you will use your adjustable wrench to install the shower bracket to the shower arm until the water outlet faces down toward the tub or shower. The bracket is where your Monoglide hand held shower head will hang.

Finally, hand tighten the larger end of the metal hose to the Monoglide hand held shower head and attach the other end to the water outlet on the bracket.


Last step: enjoy a soothing shower with your new multi-function Monoglide hand held shower head to celebrate a job well done!

It’s true that toilets are the Professor’s main obsession, but a good multi-function shower is hard to beat. Gripping a hand shower to change the spray pattern can be frustrating experience, however, which is why the Professor has been so impressed by American Standard’s new Monoglide hand shower, that features a unique, non-slip sliding button to change the spray. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Adding body sprays to your shower is a great way to create a more luxurious experience. Smart, newer models offer multiple spray patterns, customizable angles, and don’t extend too far out of the wall, so your risk of bumping into the spray heads is low.


Bathing Innovations: What’s New in the Bathroom

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Bathing doesn’t have to be as basic as slipping into grandma’s old clawfoot tub. Recent innovations in whirlpool systems, bathing surfaces, deep soaking drains, and stay-clean surfaces are improving the experience of bathing. Watch the video below to see what’s new and modern at American Standard.