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The Professor’s enthusiasm for the dual flush H2Option toilet from American Standard and the power of its siphonic action flushes has never been a secret. Finding other experts who share this opinion is always icing on the cake.

H2Option dual flush toilet from American Standard

The most recent example is, which recently honored the H2Option as a “Product of the Week.” As the editors note, the H2Option was the first truly siphonic dual flush toilet to be introduced – and of course it remains the best, in the Professor’s opinion.

No one actually invited Professor Toilet to give a commencement address this year. Which is no reason not to give it.  No one asked for a toilet blog either, but here you are.

Graduate, as you head out into the world, here are 10 things you always need to remember:

1.    Finding a good flush will be easier than finding a good spouse.  Unlike spouses, toilets are independently tested to verify performance.

2.    Water isn’t endless.

3.    When you do settle down, spend less time and money on your china pattern and more on the most important chinaware in your home:  your toilet.

4.    Two words: siphonic action.

5.     For Pete’s sake, if your toilet ever does clog, don’t pretend you don’t know and let it keep going so that it ruins the bathroom, the floor, the ceiling of the floor below and 10 or more people’s days.  Take your plunger and responsibility in hand when duty, literally, calls you.

6.    You can find a lifetime commitment.  There are toilets out there with lifetime warranties.

7.    Control yourself.  You can have multiple shower heads. But you can’t have multiple showerheads, a lush green lawn in the desert and expect to wash your car every day.

8.    Regarding eating, drinking, and most anything else that is fun doing, see #7

9.    Science is good. The scientific and mechanically gifted minds who innovate and install plumbing systems in our homes and building systems  really do protect the health of our nation.

10.    Finally, before touring Europe this summer, learn the difference between a bidet and a water fountain.



H2Option is the first truly siphonic dual flush toilet, with strong push and pull action created by forceful but quiet jetted action under the rim.

Why does that matter?   As we learned earlier in Flushology, dual flush  toilets do a great job of saving water, and many work great at the toilet’s most important function–getting everything out of the bowl without clogging.

We also learned that dual flush toilets cleanse the bowl with what is known as a washdown flush.  Washdowns can create a little unpleasant splash action.  You know what I’m talking about.

H2Option adds more push to the water from under the rim of the bowl. We engineered the water pathways so that when the water is released from the tank,  some of it is diverted to the rim where there are a series of chambers. The air in the chambers pushes the ongoing coming water forcefully out into the bowl, pressurized, but not mechanized, so it’s a quiet action.

There is no sound associated with the added force; and a lot less splashing.  The marketing types call it “Staying Clean While Going Green,” which actually is one of their better headlines.  This is the kind of thing we get to invent at the American Standard New Product Design Center.

cadet 3 toilet flush

It may not be rocket science, but a good toilet flush is a lesson in physics.

When the toilet is flushed, water fills the toilet bowl and the upward leg of the trapway, the S-shape visibly snaking out the back of most toilets.  When water reaches the top of the trapway, called the weir gravity pulls it into the downward leg of the S.  Hence the name, gravity fed or simply gravity toilet.

The rush of water running downhill pulls waste and water out of the bowl. The stronger the push of the water, the stronger the pull of siphonic action to cleanse the bowl.