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It’s often necessary to call in a pro when dealing with plumbing woes around the house, but the Professor also appreciates occasional the money-saving, highly satisfying D.I.Y. repair. Even those who don’t believe they are particularly handy can find great resources online to help guide them through the process of making simple repairs.

A lot of things can go wrong with toilets, from “ghost flushing” to leaks to running. Unsure of what’s causing these various problems? The Professor recommends you read through this page on toilet repair up at that can help identify the cause of many common toilet troubles. Very often the problems can be solved by replacing the toilet handle, a piece that tends to wear out over time.

To spare yourself these troubles in the first place, the Professor recommends that when shopping for a new toilet, you research the durability of this important piece in the models you are looking at. One particularly impressive example of toilet handle testing is this video of the durability testing that American Standard’s Champion 4 toilets are subjected to – watch and learn!