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If you’re a poet and didn’t know it, this contest’s for you!

As a personal fan of toilet humor and the arts, Professor Toilet was beyond thrilled to learn of National Bad Poetry Day (August 18th); an annually celebrated holiday that celebrates terrifically terrible verses and the not-so-gifted poets behind them. This year, we want to recognize all of you closet bards by presenting you with a challenge with a fabulous prize to the best (bad) poem. All you need to do to enter is submit one Haiku or poem about the prize of your choice (see below for options). Here’s an example Haiku with a dash of toilet humor:

Mother Nature Calls
American Standard Answers
Champion in my stall

Think you have what it takes to create some terrible verses and make Professor Toilet and his team laugh? Here’s How to Enter:

To enter to win either (1) Champion PRO Right Height Elongated Toilet in White OR (1) Quentin Widespread Faucet and (1) FloWise Traditional Showerhead in Polished Chrome, leave a comment on this post with your original poem (Haiku, Acrostic, etc.) about the prize of your choice. Limit 5 entries per person.

Professor Toilet and his team will choose their favorite entry on Monday August 19th, 2013 as the winner,  so hurry and enter before August 18, 11:59PM ET.  No purchase necessary to enter or win. Must be U.S. resident (50 states or D.C.),  21 or older, to participate.  Good Luck!

Update: Congratulations to Jackie S. who submitted the following poem:

Champion Pro I love you so,
you flush like no toilet I know,
You flush a phone, a toy a ball,
you keep on flushing through it all.

When someone buys a pro like you,
They help the needy people too.

You stand so tall,
and very proud,
you are a toilet to keep around.

Professor Toilet and his team loved reading through your hilarious and creative entries. Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned for more toilet news and tips on the Professor Toilet blog!

Do you know how much water you consume on a daily basis? Every drop of water you use can have a deep impact on the water supply of your community and region! This week, Professor Toilet will be quizzing our fans on the impact of water (and the lack thereof) locally, regionally and statewide.  Do you have what it takes to earn a Ph. D. in water savings? Join the conversation on the American Standard Facebook page. See the cheatsheet infographic below to quickly find out how you and your family can make a significant difference in water usage through WaterSense Certified faucets and toilets!

Saving Water with Watersense Faucets and Toilets with Professor Toilet

As the weather begins to warm, the Professor’s mind turns to happy thoughts of a favorite season: springtime bathroom remodeling season, of course. For those who are ready to change things up, the Professor is pleased to offer a few pointers regarding current bath design trends for inspiration.

The American Institute of Architects reported that through the end of 2011, homeowners continued to view the integration of water saving faucets, toilets, and showerheads as important components of their bathrooms. Water saving toilets and showerheads in particular used to get a bad rap for providing poor performance, but thanks to recent technological advances, saving water doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. American Standard’s H2Option, featuring powerful siphonic dual flushing action, and turbine technology-powered FloWise collection of showerheads are two notable examples of high performance, low flow products.

The transitional style is predicted to be the most popular look for bathroom fixtures according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2012 Style Report. This style, which walks the line between traditional and contemporary to create a modern yet classic look, is beautifully expressed by the elegant, sculptural Pyke collection of bath faucets by JADO.

Aging in place is also a top priority for many Americans, and incorporating universal design features into the home – especially in the bathroom – is a growing trend. And with luxury options like whirlpool, air bath, and combo massage features now available, installing a walk-in bath can feel like an indulgence rather than just preparing for old age.

White continues to be the most popular bathroom color scheme, and it’s a look the Professor finds especially attractive when complemented by wood furnishings with dark finishes like the espresso-colored hues available in the Porcher Solutions collection of modular bath furnishings.

Whether you’re just swapping in a new faucet or getting bold with colors and fixtures: go forth and remodel!

If you are looking to add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom, the Professor strongly recommends the JADO Stoic collection of luxury bathroom faucets. Inspired by the elegant look of modern jewelry styles, the collection is available in four distinctive handle options and three signature hand-buffed finishes. The Professor finds that the wide variety of styles allow the faucets to fit any number of different stylistic settings, easily complementing more minimal bathrooms or gracefully contrasting with more transitional ones.

Underneath the beautiful finishes and delicate-looking shapes lie solid brass construction for durability and ceramic disc valve cartridges, which ensure a lifetime of drip-free performance as well as noticeably smooth handle control. Stoic sink faucets are also WaterSense-certified and feature the exclusive JADO Luxury Speed Connect Drain, an innovation that radically simplifies drain installation, something that even certified experts like the Professor can appreciate.

Learn more about the new faucet collection, or view the complete JADO Stoic Collection.

The Professor isn’t much of a television junkie, but when segments featuring high performance, water-saving plumbing fixtures are airing, it’s a different story. Plumbing manufacturer American Standard recently produced a few short videos for the Profile Series of quality educational programming that focused on the company’s commitment to conserving water without sacrificing style or performance.

The one-minute segment posted above aired on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC last week but if you missed it – or, like the Professor, you’d rather watch the full-length director’s cut – you can view the more detailed and interesting eight-minute version below.

Congratulations to the Profile Series and American Standard for a job well done. The availability of high-performing water-saving faucets, showerheads, and toilets is a message that still needs to get out there, and the Professor believes that well-made television segments like this one are a great way to reach consumers.

Design bloggers tour the American Standard Design Center. To see more photos of the trip, click the photo.

Earlier this month, the Professor was fortunate enough to spend a day at the American Standard Design Center in Piscataway, NJ with a select group of the movers and shakers of the design blogger world. It is a pleasure to share their insights, reflections, humor, and excellent photographs of the trip:

Paul Anater, who blogs at Kitchen and Bath Residential Design, was especially impressed with some of the company’s unique and functional designs and the fashionable digs the bloggers enjoyed in New York.

For J.B. Bartkowiak of Building Moxie, the trip offered opportunities to reflect on design, innovation, performance, and the impact that brands can have when they build intimacy with customers.

Meanwhile, the engineering department’s space age 3-D copier was a big hit with Laurie Burke of Kitchen Design Notes. (The Professor also appreciated the occasional plumbing pun she threw in for good measure, naturally.)

Andie Day (and her photographer’s eye) especially loved the great views and fashionable setting of the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, where the bloggers gathered the night before their Design Center tour.

American Standard’s many green initiatives, including the eco-friendly Design Center and strong emphasis on water conservation, were particularly appreciated by Saxon Henry of Roaming By Design.

Saxon and her business partner Rich Holschuh also wrote about the company’s fixture fixation, the “stylish verve” of the American Standard design team, and shared a video of a portion of the tour on the site for their social media consultancy, Adroyt.

Great shot of everyone: Laurie Burke, Rich Holschuh, Saxon Henry, Andie Day, Paul Anatar, J.B. Bartkowiak. To see more photos from the trip, click the photo.

Many thanks to everyone who attended! The Professor had a marvelous time getting to talk plumbing with everyone and truly appreciates everyone’s thoughtful commentary.


Saving Water & Looking Great

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Switching out an outdated faucet can do wonders to perk up your bathroom, but there are other great reasons to upgrade to a stylish new model – like conserving fresh water resources, for instance. Many of the most attractive faucets on the market right now are WaterSense certified. Watch the video below for more info, or start shopping for water-saving faucets now!

The new Selectronic Hands-Free Dual Flush Toilet from American StandardThere is no question that dual flush toilets are a simple and increasingly popular way to reduce water use at home. Now, thanks to a recent innovation from American Standard, a new line of hands-free, dual flush toilet valves are bringing the same water-saving technology to commercial applications.

How does it work? The new Selectronic dual flush toilet valve releases a light flush, or 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf), when motion is detected for less than 60 seconds. A standard 1.6 gpf volume is used when motion is detected for 60 seconds or longer.

All in all, the Professor is impressed by the ingenuity of this new line of commercial flush valves, which require 20 percent less water than standard toilets. The valves were designed to work perfectly as a retrofit for use with existing plumbing, so it’s easy for commercial facilities to make this water conservation-friendly upgrade. Here’s to an eco-friendly and very high tech future!

Earlier this week, the Professor posted video clips from a recent interview with Brian Richter, the Director of the Global Freshwater Program at the Nature Conservancy. Just in time for Earth Day, here are the remaining segments of the interview.

In this clip Brian discusses rates of water use on a national level and both he and the Professor share their recommendations for how to save water at home without sacrificing performance or style.

Next, Brian talks about how his interest in water conservation developed on a personal and professional level.

Brian concludes by sharing 3 sensible tips for saving water around your home and explains the connection between saving water and saving electricity. He and the Professor talk about replacing toilets, faucets, and showerheads and agree that most modern water-saving products are designed to be easy to install without the help of a professional.

The Professor would like to thank Brian Richter for sharing his knowledge and insights, and sends Earth Day wishes to everyone at the Nature Conservancy.

The Professor frequently writes about the importance of saving water at home, so it was a real treat to interview Brian Richter, Director of the Global Freshwater Program at the Nature Conservancy. Segments of video from the interview will be posted over the course of this week, but the first two clips are already online for your viewing pleasure. In these clips, Brian talks about why water conservation is such an urgent and important issue, and about the challenges we face as the earth’s population continues to increase while groundwater levels drop.

Earth Day is on Friday, so why not celebrate by incorporating new ways to conserve water into your routine? From installing water efficient products to trying out new water saving tips around your house, a few small steps can do a world of good.

Update 4/22: Part 2 is now up. Click here to view it.